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Thread: Getting through the backlog - Jupiter 4th and 8th May

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    Getting through the backlog - Jupiter 4th and 8th May

    Well it's been a crazy week..

    The weather has been unbelievable here, compared to what April was like. It's been clear almost every night for a week and I've got hundreds of gigs of data to get through. I don't get time to finish processing one lot before I capture another nights worth of data and it just adds to the backlog.

    I've imaged Jupiter 5 out of the 6 last mornings and I can tell you my body is paying for it. It's been mostly pretty good seeing, some average and some spectacular but not without it problems.

    My external hard-drive failed and the partition got corrupted, so I had to use my backup external hard-drive to start capturing data onto. I was able to recover most of the data from the old drive, but some of it is still corrupt.

    Here's 2 images of Jupiter from the last 9 days..

    4th May: Average seeing
    8th May: Very good seeing, but unfortunately I missed the best of it - my alarm was set for 2am but somehow I slept through it. My body clock woke me up at 3:40am but by then the best of the seeing had gone and I was only able to capture a few avi's before I had to finish up.

    The 8th May images (4 of them) are shown first - it's the same image but presented differently - 2 upsized (north up and south up) and 2 at normal scale (north up and south up). The 4th May image is at the end.

    Glad to finally have finished processing these, now I can start on the others.. more to come in the next few days.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Jupiter is putting on a great show for you "down under" folk. It's a messy blob from 47N. Saturn's nice however.


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    Nice images captures, especially under the good seeing you had on the 8th.


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    Just outstanding stuff! Have you guys in Australia built a space elevator to get you out to the outer solar system?


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    Hi Mike too bad on your harddrive but at least you manged to save these beauts. Welldone and Clear Skies

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    Between yourself and rumples it has been a Jovian feast recently. Great work and thank you.

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