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Thread: Conjunction Jupiter, Venus & Moon-5-2-08

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    Conjunction Jupiter, Venus & Moon-5-2-08


    Here is one of my conjunction shots shots from this morning. Between 04:55 and 05:10, there were some breaks in the cloud at 15 degrees altitude. For a change, the objects of interest were in clear'ish skies. The last few shots I noticed a star appearing from the dark lunar limb, another occultation (not seen until I processed the images.) Notice that Jupiter has now moved past Venus and is the upper left object. Venus is pretty obvious by its brilliance.
    The clouds then moved in and stayed.

    Nikon D300, Nikkor 80- 200 f/2.8ED 4 seconds at ISO 1000

    Clear skies...


    Just added another shot to illustrate the cloud problems. Within 15 minutes max, it was 100% cloud cover. "All over Rover" as the saying goes.

    Setting up a big Manfrotto tripod in the semi darkness on a sloping scrub site, as our block is, tripping over dead tree branches, young wattles and spear grass whilst half asleep - is not easy.Most of the shots sre not in focus, I manually focus and there was so little time, I just started firing off the shutter as I was focusing.

    Yesterday & now, the low misty cloud is down to our tree-top level at 108 m above sea level. We have all the clouds but no rain, driest January on record for Tasmania!!

    Clear skies...
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    Hi Shevill. This photo is very nice indeed. Great job clear skies Paul

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    A real keeper. The detail in the earthshine is superb. The atmosphere from the clouds makes a beautiful composition. Love it!

    Kind regards

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    What a wonderful picture the clouds really make it for me. Thank you for sharing.

    Kind Regards,


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    Conjunction 5-2-08

    Hi All,

    Thank you for your kind comments, I must admit that I always set out to make a picture whenever possible, rather than just a shot of two or three bright dots in a black sky - as we so often see in the magazines.

    A competition judge once told me there is a huge difference between a photograph & a picture, words I have heeded ever since.

    I am a professional photographer, so I guess that helps, I also paint land/seascapes, so I tend to look at things from a pictorial perspective. We have a natural scrub 5-acre block on a slope with various skylines, so I generally select where I am going to set up for the shoot. (very fortunate)

    Just added another cloud shot, the first image I took on that morning along with a description.

    Clear skies...

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    Nice work Shevill, I like the first one the best, nicely composed.

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    Conjunction 5-2-08

    Thanks, Paul,

    Yes, I agree, however, the last image was really to show the cloud problem and waiting to get all three objects in cloud free places, not easy! At least I got a short break, which was just enough.

    Clear skies...

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    Very nice photos Shevill!, Each one photo speaks for its self, Welldone.

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