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Thread: What kind of government is best?

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    What kind of government is best?

    Markism and most other types of government have never been tryed in a pure form. Likely we will best succeed if we barrow a bit from each of the isms etc. The trick is to avoid extremism. Even watered down versions of communism have failed. China may soon fail, even though it little resembles Marxism. Capitalism has best suceeded so far, with nearly all countries having substanial capitalism.
    USSR = Union of Soviet Socialists Republics has changed radically in recent years, yet nearly every country is becoming more socialistic.
    The downfall of all isms has been a few rich and powerful have seized power, and absolute power behaves insanely = corupts absolutely. In resent years the rich internationalists have grabed power, and are manipolating representitive forms of government such that they only occasionally serve the majority of the voters, who hardly have a clue, because of the false inferences of the media which is under the thumb of the rich and powerful. The recent trends suggest excesses which will be distructve, perhaps before 2012. To me most of the liberal ideas have already been implimented in the extreem. I'm supporting Libertarianism, not because it is workable, but because it dilutes and refutes most of the out of control liberalism. The USA Democrat and Republican parties has been largely hijacked by the liberals, the rich and powerful and other evils. Much less government, as envisioned by many of the founders of the USA Constitution looks like it will back us away from the extreems which now threaten. Neil

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    Re: What kind of government is best?

    Quote Originally Posted by neilzero View Post
    Markism and most other types of government have never been tryed in a pure form....
    Is that wet Markism or dry Markism?

    Meanwhile, if this isn't a political thread I don't what is.

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    Whichever one works in a given circumstance. It's like asking if lungs are better that gills; without knowing which side of the surface tension you're on, I can't tell you which is "better".
    I'm a cynical optimist. I think the only way out is through, but once we get through it'll be better. Very different, but better. Howard Tayler

    It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Charles Darwin

    Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced. Gregory Benford

    Power, Lord Acton says, corrupts. Not always. What power always does is reveal. Robert A. Caro

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    It's pretty hard to cover this topic without going into politics. In fact the first post contains some political comments.

    I've closed the thread.
    Forming opinions as we speak

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