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Thread: Spaceship Handbook giveaway contest!

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    Spaceship Handbook giveaway contest!

    This thread is for the giveaway contest for the Spaceship Handbook. I have all the details on my blog. For a chance to win, just post (only once, please) in this thread! On Monday December 3rd at noon (Mountain time) I'll pick a random post number, and that person wins the book!

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    Ok. This seems like a REALLY cool book.

    I'd love a copy...

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    Sounds like a great book. I'd like a copy.

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    Count me in-

    This book rocks- I'd treasure it!

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    I'm a major geek and I really really really want this book!

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    That is such a cool book, BA! I really would like it. Keep up the good fight!


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    I'm an uber mega geek and I want the random number to, I think...
    Does that count? If not, I'm a geek and I want this book!

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    BA, I have to admit to a wave of lust when I saw the picture in your giveaway contest. But it wasn't for the handsome stargazer.


    Thanks for the chance to win it!


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    I wanna book

    Hey Phil! I wanna book!

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    Hell yeah. Book me!

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    I'm succumbing to peer pressure (and I had a fan boy shriek of glee when I saw it). Give me the book!

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    Hello, my name is Wilson, and I'm a space geek.

    Oh, yes, and I'd love the book.

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    I'd love to win that book.

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    Cool.... Book me up some!

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    Spaceships, vroom!

    I love free stuff! Sign me up!

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    Gimme, gimme, gimme!

    I hope there's lots of Willy Ley stuff in there!

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    Randomise me!

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    My nine year old self would have killed for this book.

    I want one! If I have to order it I will, but it would be so much nicer to get one for free!

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    Me wants it, precious, yes.

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    This sounds very cool.

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    I'm a geek, and am raising one - he's 10 - man would he love this book.

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    If I win, I promise to give this book to my roommate's 12 year old son, who is an astro-freak.

    I'll give it to him as a Christmas present.

    In 2008.

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    Wow! That looks like an awesome book! =)

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    Sign me up!

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    Sounds cool

    Cause I have nothing to read for now!

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    I hate to admit it, but half the reason I'm entering is just that it would be cool to win. But the other half is that the book sounds really geeky, cool, and like a fun thing to share with my 9-year-old son.

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    I would love a book

    I might even share with my friends (yay! nerds all together in one dorm!)

    -Christa Cochran

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    Best. Rocket-book. Ever!

    Must have book!

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    Spaceship Handbook

    Spaceships are awesome. If I got the book, I would build one. Seriously.


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    This books sounds great. I'd really like it!

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