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Thread: My first images of Comet Holmes, @ 5 alt

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    My first images of Comet Holmes, @ 5 alt

    Hi all

    My view to the North is blocked by trees, so I hadn't seen Comet Holmes until Tuesday night, when we went up to Mangrove Mountain pony club for some dark sky time.

    The view to the North there was pretty good, but there were still trees which blocked about 4.5 up off the horizon. We got our first visual look at the comet through binos, and wow it was large, but diffuse at the same time.

    So here's Comet Holmes, at 12:40am 14th November at 5 altitude. Unfortunately trees still blocked most of the view, because the refractor is shorter off the ground than my height - so even though I could see it clearly while standing, the refractor could not.

    Anyway, the trees give it a bit of atmosphere.. I would've liked the comet to have cleared the trees but i'll take what I can.

    Images taken with the ED80 & 350D, guided with the DMK. The first 1 is a stack of 3 x 60s subs. The second shot is a single 90s exposure just before it went behind the club-house at the Pony Club. All @ ISO800.

    I'm not sure if i'll get the chance to image this again, but I'll certainly try and get out again to take some widefield shots.
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    Mike both photos are very impressive especially with the limitations of the trees it gives it a Moody or spooky look. But you did great from down under. Welldone my friend and Clear Skies.

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    Well done.

    I'd see nothing at 5 degrees here. Moisture in the air makes it virtually opaque that low in the sky. Stars, if visible, would be big blobs. Yours look great. No wonder you planetary shots come out so well. Holmes soon will be heading your way but likely fading back to obscurity at the same time.


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    Amazing, considering how low in the sky it is for you guys! Thanks for posting.

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