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Thread: Venus - Velikovski - and if you only could read German

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    Venus - Velikovski - and if you only could read German

    Well, the title implies you don't read German, I apologize to the community that does :-)

    Two weeks ago, a colleague of mine (PI on Venus Express (VEX) magnetometer) and a lot of other people received an email in German (also the french and the italians etc.) from a certain Martin Heinrich. He noted that ESA was going to give a press release about VEX, but he doubted that the real questions would be addressed which are, according to him:

    - den erstickenden Treibhauseffekt auf der Venus? The suffocating greenhouse effect on Venus
    - die orkanartigen Stuerme, die trotz fehlender Rotation unablaessig um den Planeten toben? The hurricane like storms that run around the planet even though there is almost no rotation.
    - warum die Venus als einziger Planet eine retrograde Rotation aufweist und so gut wie stillsteht? whz venus is the onlz planet with retrogate rotation and almost stands still.
    das unerklaerlich schwache Magnetfeld des Planeten? the unexplainable weak magnetic field of the planet.

    Then he says that there will probably be given "some explations" for this, but about 50 years ago Immanuel Velikovski already gave all the explanations for these things.

    He calls for the VEX community to look into these problems, but first read his book on the topic (so you know which answers are expected). And then he has attached his book (2nd edition, Martin Heinrich, The Venus Catastrophy: how the solar system got changed) as a pdf. Basically, a rehash of Velikovski with some of his own ideas in it. I still have to really read it, but I just got the pdf (and I do not read on pc, I prefer printed stuff).

    So, I am glad ESA and the VEX community is now "in the know" how Venus was created and arrived at its location.

    I just had to let you know.
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    I would assume that the official ESA press release will tend to stick to the facts, to science. If the facts agree with Velikovski you will hear it on the press release, if they don't you'll also hear it. If they can't conclude anything, you'll also hear it.

    That said, it may be interesting indeed to hear what velikovski said about it in the past, and on what if anything he based his conclusions before attending the ESA press conference.

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    It's funny how Velikovski can look like it's pronounced "Velocity" if read fast enough and you're about nine.

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