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Thread: M4, Antares, and Unknown

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    M4, Antares, and Unknown

    M4 is the splatter near the center. I "think" the unknown is a bright piece of SH2-9, emission nebula (next to bright star at bottom, Al Nyiat in Scorpius). That's what's labeled that position in Starry Night, though Starry Night doesn't show an image. Antares is the brilliant sun at the top.

    If you look really closely, you see the globular NGC6144 at the right angle of a 3-4-5 right triangle with vertices at Antares and M4.

    Edited to add: 15 stacked images, skyglow removed with Photoshop: used "dust and scratches" to remove stars and objects from a copy, then subtracted what was left from the image. There was a lot of skyglow otherwise. What was left was dark enough to just linearly add.
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    Tdvance Antares - M-4 - unknown star photo

    Hi T.
    I looked up Scorpius in my Great atlas of the Stars, and afew others as well just to be sure. The Unknown Star in your photo is Al Niyat... I changed the photo so Al Niyat is in the upper right corner, this is how its seen in star maps when looking at Scorpius as a whole constellation. This is a fine photo.

    I played with the photo for a little while, and you sure did alot of work to get it to a final image. Nice job well done. clear skies to you Paul
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    A fine effot and interesting area Tdvance, Well done and Clear Skies.

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    since I posted, I've been playing with an ImagePlus demo--I may just buy it, as it does better than I do by hand, but with lots less work.

    Here is an old M13, again taken from light-polluted skies, re-stacked with ImagePlus.

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    The "Unknown nebula" near the Sigma Scorpii (Al Niyat) doesn't really match to the SH2-9 shape.
    I just looked though several other images of the region including DSS from IR to blue plates - I got no clue what it might be:

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    True it doesn't--I thought it might be a bright spot in the wide-spread nebula, the rest of which not quite outshining the skyglow.


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