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Thread: Liquid mirror could be used for moon-base telescope.

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    Liquid mirror could be used for moon-base telescope.

    A group of scientists has made a mirror by coating a liquid with silver. The mirror could form the heart of a telescope on the Moon capable of detecting infrared light from stars a thousand times dimmer than those resolvable today.

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    Um, well, Ok, could be.

    But why? What would be the advantage of a liquid mirror on the moon? Wouldn't it be more efficient to make a mirror and take it there?

    I know there are issues with mirrors, but by the time you take the liquids and all the equipment needed to make and use it, I'm sure the trade-offs wouldn't be that far apart. Risk might be different, but known risk factors can usually be overcome.

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    Compactness mainly. Liquid mirror components would occupy little payload space.

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    Look at my post in the main page story comment thread. There are still big problems with the practical use of such mirrors.

    I will only add this. It's a quote from unknow sources that has been running rampant in Université Laval's undergrad physics student association: "When your liquid mirror will be able to tilt, it will be made of glass."

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    Interesting comment, baseless, but interesting. What exactly is your point?

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    That liquid mirrors can only point straight up?

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    mmm, interesting, but liquid mirror??

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