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Thread: Whatever happened to

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    Lightbulb Whatever happened to

    The predicted particle

    Has anyone heard more of the Higgs boson. I found this article that says there were bumps at the predicted energy range found in blogs.

    The question is if we are making them why are we not recording them?

    Suggested reasons:-

    1. An electron detector can't catch Higgs
    2. Something else kicked
    3. It moved so we couldn't catch it
    4. It never happened
    5. Not A or B either or both

    Curious really does anyone have suggestions?

    Here is the link

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    Re: Whatever happened to

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    Post Three is bad

    Quote Originally Posted by Maksutov View Post
    My personal favorite is number three.

    It moved so we couldn't catch it.

    This would be a confirmation of the holographic universe. You only think you are here.

    Logic the particle is created and moves. But if it moves to the detector it would register, right. Well only maybe, the other possible alternative is that it moved in space or time, that is it travelled to a different where or when.

    Depending on the repercussions of its where or when impact then determines the outcome. A non critical hit and like a raindrop in a rainstorm has statistically little significance. Sting a generals horse and turn a retreat to advance and you change history. That was merely a significant when, a significant where is hitting a star and starting a cascade chain reaction.

    Like most things we may not know until it happens if it does and then we still may not know.

    That gets the cryptic one out of the way, so any thoughts on the others or a few new ideas anyone?

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    WHATíS NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 15 Jun 07 Washington, DC

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Parks

    Itís now official: the LHC will not attempt a November startup. Because electricity in Geneva is prohibitively expensive in the winter that puts it off until April. Which opened up the possibility of keeping the Tevatron, at Fermilab in Batavia, IL running through 2010, giving the venerable accelerator an additional year to look for evidence of the legendary Higgs boson

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