Chimps may gain limited "person" status in Austria.

Ok, fine by me, so long as you don't call him a "person." He's a chimp!

My cat came across to me as a person, and I was very griefed the day she died (and for a while afterwards). No one can tell me she didn't have a personality, didn't get vexed at times, or hold grudges, attempt to manipulate, or communicate (purring, body language, and touch), or that she wasn't clevel enough to get what she wanted. I witnessed every human trait in her except two: higher thought and language.

While I would endorse any legislation towards protecting the rights of some animals (pets, chimps, etc.), I have to draw a line somewhere, as I am, as nature intended me, a meat-eater, and I'm a fan (to the detriment of my waistline) of Burger King.

I dunno - thoughts?