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Thread: more amazing Space/Moon/Mars 3-D images

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    Cool more amazing Space/Moon/Mars 3-D images

    following the NEOWatcher's suggestion, this is my new thread devoted to 3-D images


    look at these SIX amazing 3-D images (to see with RED-BLUE glasses) of the Moon soil/rocks published on the Popular Science website:

    the pictures are the only TRUE stereoscopic images ever made of the Moon!

    they were taken by the Apollo 11, 12 and 14 astronauts using a close-range (six-inch) stereo camera designed by Tommy Gold (a Cornell University space scientist)

    to best view all 3-D images, see them at two/three feet of distance from computer's screen, with low room's lights and the browser in Full Screen mode (press F11 key)


    if you want to see FOUR other amazing (and UNIQUE in the world) 3-D images about SPACE click here:

    the images are about the Space Shuttle Discovery, a Lunar Space Station, a Spacewalk and an Apollo astronaut's jump on the Moon


    last but not least, don't miss these NINE (professional-made) 3-D images from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit's website:

    in my opinion the MOST AMAZING of the nine images is the picture #9 here:

    if you look the image in the RIGHT position and WAIT a moment, the girl seems you completely OUTSIDE the screen!


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    more amazing 3-D images


    more amazing 3-D images:

    3-D Moon images:

    and this is the best of them:

    other 3-D Moon images (too much violet...)

    non-3D Moon images:

    (unfortunately, I've not found on that site the quoted "October, 2nd 2004 Lunar [3-D] picture of the day")

    Spirit and Opportunity Mars 3-D images NASA website entry page:

    more 3-D Mars images (too much violet...)

    the best 3-D Mars images I've found (so far)

    here the links of the Mars pictures with the best "3-D effect":

    and the winner is...

    to best view the 3-D images' effect you must wait a few seconds to help your eyes to find the right focus

    non-space 3-D images made with a 3-D technique that doesn't need red-blue glasses to see the "effect" (from Cosmiclog)


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    3-D Mars stereo and 3-D glasses Mars images from Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Pathfinder:

    "raw" (unedited) 3D pictures from Mars:

    large 3-D Mars images (some need Red-Yellow glasses)

    more 3-D Mars images and animations to see with and without 3-D glasses:


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    some interesting lunar color maps (mainly taken from Clementine)


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    Am I the only one that gets a headache after looking at 3-D images for to long? ... Anyway, some pretty cool pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaetanomarano View Post
    following the NEOWatcher's suggestion, this is my new thread devoted to 3-D images.
    Wow, somebody actually responded to one of my suggestions.

    Anyway; a good many links, and not having to sift through a bunch of posts helps.

    Now; if I can get or make the RB glasses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VPCCD View Post
    Am I the only one that gets a headache after looking at 3-D images for to long?
    no, it's not a natural way to see images, our brain is not "trained" to do that and our eyes need a few seconds to find the right focus... I think that this is mainly due to the red-blue glasses that turn all images too dark ...probably a better view needs brighter images or an increase of the PC monitor's brightness ...of course, future 3-D images must be viewable with hi-res stereo LCD display glasses rather than red-blue or LCD-shutters glasses

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEOWatcher View Post
    ...get or make the RB glasses...
    "make" is faster and cheaper ...every office products' shop sells semi-transparent red, yellow and blue plastic cover sheets for cents

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