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Thread: Beautiful Universe giveaway contest!

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    Beautiful Universe giveaway contest!

    This thread is for the Beautiful Universe book giveaway contest I described on my blog. To register, just post in this thread! That's it. On Thursday February 8 at noon (Pacific) I'll pick a random post number, and that person wins the book.

    POST ONLY ONCE, PLEASE. If you post more than once I will remove the extra post(s).

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    Re: Beautiful Universe giveaway contest!

    OK, just one post, but I must ask: what's the story behind that photo of you and the book?

    Meanwhile, thanks for your generosity!

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    book offer

    Iwant it! I want it!

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    I'm an avid reader of astronomy related books, my goal to have a bookshelf overflowing with them too!

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    Ooh, sounds like fun. Sign me up for a virtual raffle ticket!

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    looks like right now I've got a 1 in 3 chance of winning!

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    Free books? Sign me up!

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    I'm in

    Give me some of that free astronomy book lovin'

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    I'll throw my name in the hate. I lurk here, but never post...

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    I wanna win!

    Cuz I like pretty pictures.

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    I'll play.

    "at least 1 characters"

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    I want the books for my kids

    I don't know how to read or write... and I want to use that book to learn!

    Really I swear!

    Thanks alejandro jose gervasio duarte

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    I'd like to win! ... but do you ship overseas?

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    I'd never say no to a free book.

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    Beautiful Universe book

    Hi. I want the Beautiful Universe too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ritchards View Post
    I'd like to win! ... but do you ship overseas?

    It would sit well with my 30 copy of Universe I got for Christmas

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    Can't see the stars anymore where I live.

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    Well count me in, even if I have to pay for international post.

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    The probability of me randomly winning the Beautiful Universe Book is low and indeed becomes more unlikely as each participant adds a reply. Although it would be fun to win the book, at least I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that I made a prediction, no matter how vaguely defined, that the unlikelihood of my winning over time becomes more, um - likely.

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    Lessee here...
    Second shift techno geek...check
    Unattached...check (sob)
    Unofficial local club binocular astronomy dude...check
    Too darned cold to go outside at 3 ayem right about now...check

    Yep...I need another book...

    I wanna win! I wanna win!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maksutov View Post
    OK, just one post, but I must ask: what's the story behind that photo of you and the book?
    If you look at the ALT text of the picture, you will notice it says "Proof I have the book". =]

    And I would like to win the book. It will go nicely with the copy of the Bad Astronomy book (no, I'm not interested in typing out the whole title) I ordered about two weeks ago from Amazon that I'm still waiting on (free shipping = slow shipping).

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    This Is The Lucky Post!

    Please pick me pick me pick me pick me...

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    ...this would be GREAT

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    A ver si hay suerte...

    I live in Spain and I'm ready to pay the international delivery, in the case I win.


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    The more the merrier - but I'm international too.

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    Thumbs up It is Mine

    I want that book, I need that book. Besides I deserve that book as I have the best board sig ever.

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    Smile Too tired to think of anything witty

    Nothing like a sick 3 year old to destroy a good night's sleep and kill brain cells. So, umm... I need a pretty book to cheer me up

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    Please Sire, I'm Young! I'm Beautiful! Does that help?

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    Sign me up, please!

    And, since I live in Denmark, like Haakin I'm willing to pay the international delivery.

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    Want it!


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