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Thread: North-East Africa 003 meteorite

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    North-East Africa 003 meteorite

    Every year new meteorites are found on different parts of planet Earth. They travel for millions of years and it is usually impossible to say where they came from - but in just one case Czech geologists think they know - North-East Africa 003 is believed to have originally come from the Sea of Rains on the moon.
    It travelled for 160 million years before getting sucked in by Earth's gravitation and landed somewhere in the Libyan Desert where it was later found by a Czech geologist and collector. Since only about 50 meteorites which have made it to planet Earth are known to have come from the Moon - North East Africa 003 was a significant find. But there was more to come...
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    The 6 gram lunar meteorite (and another 118g specimen nearby) Northeast Africa 003 was found 12 km NW from Al Qaryah ash Sharqiyah in the wadi Zam Zam area in northern Libya

    Latitude: 30.48598 Longitude: 13.44806

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