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Thread: Microsoft Word Question

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    Microsoft Word Question

    I bet there's an easy answer to this, but I didn't turn up anything in the documentation so I thought I'd go ahead and ask.

    In MS Word, you type out a paragraph and Word decides that something you've typed is a spelling error - only it's not, it's just a word that Word doesn't know. No problem, you right click the word and select "Ignore All" and the wavy underline goes away.

    But here's my problem: these are research papers that I'm typing. So while I can ignore a word or even add it to my local dictionary, when I email the finished paper to my instructor, she is going to be wavy red underlined on her screen. I've tested this. I've ignored the author's names that Word doesn't recognize and then saved the document. If I open it again on my computer, they are still ignored, but if I transfer the file to my laptop, they go all red and wavy again.

    Is there any way to save the "ignore all" words inside a word document so that anyone who opens it will not see the wavy underlines?

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    Hi Tofu,

    I just tried this and after checking and ignoring the incorrect spelling, I saved the document and emailed it to myself. I then opened it and there was no red line. I wonder if it could be due to the version of word you are using?



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    It's down to the custom dictionary on the authors (i.e. your) computer having the custom words added, and the reader ( i.e. other) machine not having them. I'm not sure how you would be able to get around it, apart from saving as a PDF or something like that.


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    You can turn off spelling and grammar check, but I'm not sure if that's a document property or just a localized program option. A more fun, but probably grade-costly approach is to change all the text to red with underlines so that the spell-checking blends in more

    quick search on the net and found you can save your custom dictionary file and e-mail that as well, altho that's a pain and i'm not sure your instructor would even want to bother loading it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakenorrish View Post
    I then opened it and there was no red line.
    try typing the document and see if the wavy lines come back.

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    You could exchange the document as plain text or HTML (or, better yet, pdf)

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    yeah, I just opened it on a VM and apparently I was a little mistaken. It seems that it doesn't recheck the document when you first open it, but (for me anyway) if I start typing in the document then the wavy lines come back.

    I can't use pdf because, for some reason, instructors don't like that. PDF would be better in my opinion.

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    I had this same problem once on an english paper a couple of years ago. The subject was technical, and there were lots of words that got the little wavy line. My instructor was intelligent enough not to think of those as misspellings when I turned in the project.

    I would venture to guess that most any teacher that assigns a paper would know the difference between a word that is misspelled and one that is just not a frequently used term.

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    Well Tofu, if that's the case you can lock your document when you are finished (i use the lock on the forms toolbar). Unless you proff wants to be able to add comments or whatever.

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    good idea Fazor, I wasn't aware of that or that the forms toolbar even existed.
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