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Thread: Could this have happened ?

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    Could this have happened ?

    Yes this is a question; But I do not see it as real. So here in Alternate theories, against the mainstream it is. These are not my ideas. They have been put to me by a friend and fellow astronomer. They have become an obsession to him that I would like to dispel completely. I will need some help.
    The basic proposal is that in the history of Earth there has been recorded by our ancestors some strange and as yet un explained sights. He talks of recorded sightings of Mars much closer to Earth than it is now. No I do not know where he got all this. He did tell me but listening is not easy when you are bored witless. At great length he then showed me a map of mars that shows that central scare the stretches across the middle of Mars and has several large mountains near it. He then demon straighted that on Venus there is a very similar scar like feature. It runs north south and he even made a transparency of the Mars scar and over lapped them to show me how well these two images fit., and they do. He is not suggesting a collision or even a glancing blow. Just a very close pass. He sagest that mars was inside Earths orbit about where Venus is now and that, Venus came from farther out. The two got so close that they were nearly ripped apart. Flicking Mars out of its place and placing Venus where she still is.
    This is bad astronomy. I have told him that this idea is not supported by the wight of evidence. What do you think and how do I get him of this stuff.

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    This sounds very much like a derivative of Velikovsky's ideas. (See Worlds in Collision.)

    If this happened in historical time, you it is possible that the various Mars rovers would have seen some evidence of a rather strange thermal history.

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    As soon as I see Velikovsky's name I'm off and running away.
    I could write a huge list of reasons I do not think any of this is true. First on the list would be that how could this have happened so recently and no evidence of it survives. How did Venus get into such a perfect orbit if it wasn't there all along. wouldn't the gravity just destroy both planets. Wouldn't it take millions of years to stabilize into the orbits we see today. I am perfectly happy to except that planetary collisions could have happened in the early planetary disk billions of years ago., but not in the recant history of man. How do I tell him that he is being foolish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by astromark
    Wouldn't it take millions of years to stabilize into the orbits we see today.
    That's a pretty good one. You would probably expect to see Mars in something like an elliptical transfer orbit. Acting over time, drag can circularise an orbit, but I doubt that this process could have occured over historical time-scales.

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