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Thread: Clear Your Lurker Flag Here

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    Feb 2005
    Paris, France
    I use the same password for everything - everthing not money related. If I ever forgot that there'd be no more forums for crosscountry.
    My travel blog Currently about living in Europe with many older blog posts about riding a motorcycle across the US and Europe.

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    Oh , that is easy to remember .

    Mine I am maintaining 3 passwords , at least , until I am able to remember them which and where to use , but I doubt if I won't for a couple years , I might probably forget all of them.

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    I love to lurk!

    I catch up to a lot of ideas while lurking. I hesitate to post. My Lawyer, John L Reader, told me to never write a letter or throw one away.

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    Still working on it.

    I'm still not posting much, but reading faithfully.

    Put me in the still getting a feel for the forums and having fun reading lots of astronomy, etc. stuff - but inching back up the learning curve where regularly posting becomes a good thing....

  6. 2008-Mar-03, 08:14 AM

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    At 51, I still have such a dim understanding of things, such a focused-few areas of competence, that I hesitate to post anything. I enjoy READING what you clever folks have to say, even (especially) when you are at your silliest. This is a great forum, and such a kaleidescope of international membership.

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    I've lurked here for quite awhile. I post all the time at Apollohoax because the forum is smaller and I can keep track of things. BAUT intimidated me because of its size, but I've noticed a bunch of familiar names. I'm sure there are more here from AH that have different names.
    Lately, Apollohoax has become so quiet that I decided to actually start posting here, but I'll do it gently so as to not frighten everyone.
    I can be quite absurd and silly at times.

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    Got sidetracked for a while, so I haven't been here in ages. Back now until I'm sidetracked again...

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    As for me, I'm back for a brief period, commenting here and there, play a few games, then off to never ending business. When a few hours after bedtime is the only time for computer, I tend to rotate my focus.

    It's odd though, gossip stays the same, even as this board has grown and changed. It's fun!

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    I always lurk in dark places and have been busy with my registraion and retraining but I will be fliting back and forth to get tangled in someones hair!
    Im usually on fun and games when I have half a hour to spare!

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    I haven't posted in a long while and I didn't see any welcome back messages.

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    British Columbia
    Alrighty, welcome back then!

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    My friend has a cousin we call The Lurker. He kind of stands around and doesn't say much but has a strange smirk/smile on his face. Pretty creepy.

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    Jul 2008
    life is circular

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    well folks, im de-lurked(delukerd?) now, im off to listen to slayer


    ssssssslllllllaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr! !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jul 2008
    here i am heerer

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    Jul 2008
    got it?

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    Join Date: 29-November-2003

    Total Posts: 101 (0.06 posts per day)
    Dedicated Lurker

    I never get tired of this place. Thanks for all of the interesting reading.

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    Talking i came i saw i lurked.....

    I came, I saw, I lurked.....

    then they came and took me away......

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    I was on "vacation" for about four months in Seattle, WA but I'm back home now. Though, it's not like anyone noticed me missing, ha!

    I also had to reformat my PC and lost everything I was working on for the past two years, as well. That has me kind of bummed out. (Oh well, it gives me something to do I suppose.)

    Did I miss anything good?

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    hi lurkers

    well, just posted a reply in another sub-forum to delurk, but due to the links concerning special relativity contained in that post the delurking seems to experience time dilation

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    Ah, so I can de-lurk properly here. I read (and sometimes embarrassed myself) on the old babb... what was the old board called? With the tree-view? Anyway, hi!

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    Lightbulb Request Lurk Stat Removal

    how? :

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    Question missing gif

    is it here?
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    Hehe. I actually opened that.

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    Smile unanimated gif

    Quote Originally Posted by PraedSt View Post
    Hehe. I actually opened that.
    Cool, so you saw it was only flat on the inside
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    Dec 2006
    New Event!

    Was actually fun to watch...

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    Quote Originally Posted by masonicboom View Post
    Cool, so you saw it was only flat on the inside
    I'm clicking the attached image , but I won't open here.

    How did you that ?

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    Thumbs up Invisible Torus

    Quote Originally Posted by Neverfly View Post
    New Event!

    Was actually fun to watch...
    And Finally a Cigar with 6 Brains..... I mean branes.
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