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    Jay's got a very elegant tribute on his home page.

    I was wondering, what is the picture?

    (I'm posting it in the Lunar Conspiracies forum so that I can be sure that Jay will see it.)

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    I saved the image off the site and the jpg was named FallenAstro.jpg. Maybe this was taken to the moon in place of the astronaut who died in the fighter jet on his way for training. Sorry, I am clueless to his name.

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    It may be either C.C. Williams, Ted Freeman, Charlie Bassett, Elliot See. They all died in T-38 crashes. Ed Given died in a car crash so he doesn't fit your description.

    Jim Scotti mentioned on his site Robert Lawrence who died in an aircraft crash on his way to report for duty at the USAF Manned Orbiting Laboratory.

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    The Fallen Astronaut - a small figurine placed at the Apollo 15 landing site by CDR David Scott during closeout of the third EVA. Behind the figurine lies a small plaque with the names of the astronauts and cosmonauts who had died while on active status as an astronaut or cosmonaut.

    For more information

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    SpacedOut is correct: it is the figurine left on the lunar surface by the Apollo 15 crew to honor fallen space voyagers.

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    I can't believe I knew nothing about it before this.

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