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Thread: Picture From Spirit

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    Picture From Spirit

    This photo from Spirit, taken on Sol 666, (ominous number, but I'll let the woo woo's deal with that). If I'm correct, we are looking down slope from Husband hill, in the general direction of Home Plate. In the center of the image, just above the bottom of the picture, is a small, fresh looking crater of some kind.

    It doesn't really look like an impact crater to me. Is there a possibility that it could be the result of out gassing?

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    Yes it appears to be a depression but that doesn't mean it is. Could be a trick of the dirt. Also notice a smaller depression looking thingy on this side of it. It looks less like a depression but it does look like one. Perhaps just a couple of patches of harder dirt where the looser dirt has been blown away. Actually there are a lot of depression looking areas. Who knows, I volunteer to go have a look if I can beat that whole claustraphobia thing.

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