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Thread: First Dark Matter Galaxy Discovered

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    First Dark Matter Galaxy Discovered

    SUMMARY: Astronomers believe that a significant amount of our Universe is made up of mysterious dark matter (5 times more, in fact); it's invisible to every instrument, but can be detected because its gravity affects visible matter. Dark matter is usually found surrounding galaxies in an enormous halo, but British astronomers think they've found a whole galaxy just made of dark matter. The team used a radio telescope to observe the motion of a cloud of hydrogen atoms, and realized that it was spinning much too quickly, so must be largely composed dark matter to hold together.

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    Does somebody know what's the mass of this (or other) dark matter galaxy? I find that it would be interesting to compare it with the mass of a normal galaxy

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    This is the only one known dark matter galaxy.

    ...they found a mass of hydrogen atoms a hundred million times the mass of the Sun.

    ... we realised that VIRGOHI21 was a thousand times more massive than could be accounted for by the observed hydrogen atoms alone...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kullat Nunu
    This is the only one known dark matter galaxy.
    My bad! I should have read the article entirely. But, perhaps there's another dark matter galaxy, as astronomer Josh Simon considers HVC 127-41-330 to be also a dark galaxy

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