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Thread: The Kepler Mission

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    Quote Originally Posted by Extrasolar View Post
    The probability of an Earth sized planet at 1 AU transiting the star from our point of view is 1 in 212, 1 in 106 at 0.5 AU, and 1 in 21 at 0.1 AU.
    Is this a general estimate of all stars or an estimate of what Kepler will find? I figure exoplanets surprices us again and again espically when talking numbers of smaller planets, so I would guess we will see more than that. But talking Kepler findings only this could well make sence for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sporally View Post
    Is this a general estimate of all stars or an estimate of what Kepler will find? ...
    This was pretty clearly stated. If a star exactly the diameter of our Sun has a planet the size of Earth orbiting at 1 AU, the chance that its orbital inclination would allow us to see a transit is 1 in 212. IF the diameter of the star was one tenth the diameter (Jupiter or Red Dwarf sized) the change goes down by a factor of ten (1 in 2120). If the planet were orbiting a bloated red giant with a radius of almost 1 AU, the chance would be almost 1 in 1, but the event would probably reduce light so little that it would be unobservable.
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    Interesting reading!

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