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    Lightbulb 8:53

    Quote Originally Posted by Rue View Post
    Is HUb' having a blast from the past? Pardon the pun.
    Listen "Stuck UP" if that really is you? wash your rag

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    Quote Originally Posted by HUb' View Post
    Listen "Stuck UP" if that really is you? wash your rag
    There's a nick name one would have to live up to. But no, you have the wrong person and the wrong rag.

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    PM fix 20090107 McLiB

    Quote Originally Posted by Rue View Post
    There's a nick name one would have to live up to. But no, you have the wrong person and the wrong rag.
    20090107 9:48 AM WeLL:
    Listen i'z not ATTempting to avoid the Question?
    = =
    its just best for me today to stick to HERe Now
    and let you know: yeah, i was connected around 8:/psu/LiB
    : : :
    and that R U is a very strong signal to me. So i best just
    say something like my liNEs go OVER something like the following
    in 19&56 i road the #7 Beaverton Union High School Bus
    ? ? ? ?
    That one was know as the Cooper Mt, as it went over the hill
    I was the first one on and the last one off as it went CCW at 7AM & CW at 3:30
    The first stop at the top of the mountain(HILL) was to pick up the GIRLs
    I DO REMember the two RED HEADs (they were sisters) very RED hair.
    now it MAY, or MAY not be true that a third younger girl got on there also
    I honestly do not remEMber her at all. and fortunatly (OR UN) this would be
    mostly about her. When I was at NPM building 66 as i recall. she wrote many
    letters to me. Really U can guess for yourself about state side mail in 59
    anyway to this very day I DO not know if she does this for herself, OR if
    some Group or other cause, caused her to do so. Whatever the truth behind
    "THOSE" letters I was, AM, and will be eternally gratefull (Thank U) very
    much. ANYWHY2 years latter at the university i ran into her younger brother
    because boy wanted to talk, &I was on my way to class, i did not take the time
    ThaT day to TALK. i will regret that moment to this day Bill. NoW back2 the
    search for (Um}: {just a second now ' Claire Kelly. Eve ' {( link below ?

    12:24 pst

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    20090108 9:40? Psu/fab/55-17/41

    top of thread
    link to Bill#1
    20090107 12:50 PM ? yeah ?
    moving right along ... making 70 turns? (insert laugh)
    = =
    anyway the date i did see for warriour was 58
    that cannot be: by 58 we were in West pac ?/?
    : : :
    NO: i dont have any LOGs We must have towed the barge
    Neath the golden gate Fall of 57 And by then the movie
    whatever the name of it was, WAS already cut & on board?
    ? ? ? ?
    Well MAYbe not? maybe 7 picked up (what i'll refer to as)
    the compression Movie in Pearl after the bardge was
    transfered to the tug. HOWever the date Must have been
    57. THUS i must CONclude U is MISStaken about compression
    I did a LLoyde Bridges search also.. howEVEr could not
    link to anything in 57 that made any sence to me. So
    back to your (Um}? Deck log? Look I was refering to
    the port side of the Wheel house (WHEN you went in)
    CWO Cracklisia was there wedged in behind something
    possibly a heater, & I DO believe had anyone else
    been THERE we would never have made it. as far as
    STB (JOD) i do not know ( only that BigUn ) had
    one arm and 1 leg wrapped thru & arround the wheel
    in order to REMain where he was (behind it). you should
    have been able to see him yourself it was light remember
    though you probably looked left tward CWO&Capt instead

    20090108 4:19 AM yeah?yeah
    More sleep los nights, to start winter term
    = =
    &I have lost track of where (Um} the Bill is:
    maybe in the yoke, possibly in the whites (shirley not sure
    : : :
    THus i'll regress to the TOP of the Mountain, for the keyboard
    tap tap tap. SO: in my mind Cooper Mt does exist. As the central
    peak in 24 Mile diameter? inpact crater. of which only ...
    ? ? ? ?
    the NE & SW Quarters REMain? the NW & SE 1/4 are gone.
    anyway on the East West road at the (Um}? top --v--
    there is a deep V shaped vally. it was at the bottom
    of that Valley where the #7 stopped to pick up ...
    the Two Red Heads, YES: & probably stucUP too. I have
    no memory of her (St-UC-up) there. i'poise because the
    two Red heads had her well shielded from my (Um}? QuiZical eyes
    whatever the reason, I just do not REMember.
    now i've no idea where i was headed with this ... WELL
    accept to say that the bus traveled from East to West
    down one side Up the other with the girls seated Right
    about Mid(UM}Buss and I occupied the Back seat Drivers side
    Except one day in very heavy snow, the bus could not
    climb the hill as the cained tires simply turned. the
    driver had to try to back down around a steeply banked
    turn. however he could not do so 'cause the whole bus

    would slide off twards the ditch to the Left. THUS
    in order to get up there. to pick up the girls .. I had
    to get out and push the rear of the bus away from the
    ditch while the driver tried to stear the front back
    down the HILL around the corner. After that BACK DOWN
    we #7 with me aboard went up the gravel road Strait W
    and approached the girls from the West not from the E
    (perhaps StuckUp you recall) Anyway once the GIrls weRE
    in the bus the driver had to try to turn the bus around
    SO WE could go west from whence #7 had come. IF U cant
    recall that.. well i'z sorry sis THAT is the way it Was
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    yeah: 20080109 8ish AM pst fab stc

    Bill #1

    20090108 3:39 PM Fix?
    502 & the skys are blue:
    = =
    So where where U?
    really Bill, I havent a clue
    : : :
    &As for R U?
    don't make me laugh:
    i thought for a moment: 'UR not far aft?
    ? ? ? ?
    As for .ru
    let me say
    welcome aboard
    please do stay /-/

    20090109 3:39 AM posit (502) uncertain:
    Sure? Shirley?/? I AM unAWare of exactly where
    = =
    OR what to do at this point. I DO expect some .ru'S
    here in the thread? B4 winter (TERM) comes.. to a close
    : : :
    MySelf? maintaining a friendly disposition to an exchange
    Durring the time frame ?'003-'007? when ... was an operational PHP forum
    ? ? ? ?
    that is prior to that (PHP) websites (Um}? assisanation
    there was what i would call a majority (maybe{?
    (accounts differ) of .ru (Um}? members. I DO
    welcome U's. However let me add this ...
    in the late 60's ... prior to MY ASSination ATTempt
    UNder the influence of asPSu. a colleege of mine & I
    spent many hours with an AVALON HILL game know as
    Stallengrad. We played some others too
    Squad Leader, trobrook{sp, panzer blitz etc..
    However MOSTly we studied StalenGrad? a rather
    factuall dipiction? of I guess?/? what is know
    Historicly as the EASTERN front.
    I DO NOT study history as written in text books.
    i do want to say AFTER playing what i will call
    the DURKEY rounds I came away with my own view
    of WW2, Much different than WHAT is taught by HisStory

    Incoming Friend Requests
    The following members want to be friends with you
    aye? its A NoPe!

    Homo Bibiens

    Bill #1

    20090109 12:24 Dont
    U belive it: it is not the day before Christmass
    = =
    anyway1 in a couple of hours this should post
    from where I'Z have no idea (PSU.somewhere)
    : : :
    thats in portland oregon for U newbees Near 405 (S)?
    ANYWAY2 i was surprised by that wanna be friends
    message? perhaps it was from Asronomy?/? i donno
    ? ? ? ?
    ~I'LL say not your web friendly type? I do have 4
    "FRIENDs" on myspace.. you could (probably}? take
    over one of those slots. 1 IF your FeMail 2 If U
    want to 3 IF you can talk one of them out of theirs.
    details could be worked out is my guess. Anyway i
    sort of maintain 3 yahoo sites pdx00782 97205 & 1
    other. plus a google? none of them would i suggest
    and i have as yet NOT gotten ~hubbelm to work at FAB
    i did'n take the time this morning to try to discover
    the exact nature of friend at baudforum ... i will try
    to Xplore that more when this gets posted? in the
    mean time let me say SOME things really take me a long time
    there is a place at the top of the page
    and in theory by clicking there YOU could leave a MESSage
    however it does not work (spent all Fall trying to fix it
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    20090110 PSU/LiB/C23

    Bill #1

    6:52 AM 20090110 well? (97205/Salmon/#502)
    maybe i should just skip it?
    = =
    I've no idea where the DC3 dissapered to. Perhaps "underwater"
    They are know to try that trick, RADAR does not work there you know?
    : : :
    YES: the 'Cleer did have a Sonar when i (the new kid on the block
    Steped aboard. it WAS fast paseed. before i could even
    drop my sea bag on deck I was (I mean :"she": was under way
    ? ? ? ?
    to who knows where? Not I, I will tell you. The sonar &
    the Sonarman were both removed sometime "before" (Um}?
    SHe arrived at the Atol?? I do not REMember where or when
    Also Pinky was REMoved too. Do U REmeber? well never mind:

    Bill #1

    20090113 12:11 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) contuined from "amoung the overhead cables"
    ODD as it may seam? these faint memories drift in and drift out of focus
    = =
    Just in a way as did the second stem a short while after the Count to Zero
    Into the ward room burst ToTi Et1 mad as hell(What was I doing on the table
    : : :
    I tried to explain to him that one of the officers had ask me to look at
    the radio which he said was not working, that the crews radio was, & I
    agreed with the officer(I do not recall which one)i had checked them both
    ? ? ? ?
    and further that there was no way in hell to look up there without
    getting over the table, because obviously that is where it was. He was
    fuming, would not listen to one word. I do not recall the exact series
    of events that followed, very shortly thereafter I found MySelf (TBC)

    20090115 7:45AM PST PSU/FAB/55-17/#41
    Bill #1

    20090114 7:10 AM(97205/Salmon/#502) (TBC)from hereafter I found MySelf
    Assigned(confinded) to :"FORWARD SOUND": i dont really REMember the details well
    = =
    I was to (Um}? Clean forward sound.. first i had to find the place myself
    having already been there once still i can not explain how to get there?
    : : :
    perhaps a damage control person could do so? I cannnot. I can tell you this
    about the place. its far forward as the \port & starboard/ walls(bulkheads)
    are the outer hull of the ship and form a v shaped room (painted white)
    ? ? ? ?
    in the center was the mechanical equipment for lowering the (UM}? search lite
    sonar transducer into the water?/? when ever the sonar was to be used. As
    stated(maybe) there was a Sonar/sonarman when i arriced ... they were REMoved
    Somewhen prior to (Um}? Pearl/Westpack (Um}? the movie era?/?/?
    well never mind the physical lay out (it was clean) We were underway?
    Most likely 2 or three days out FROM (neath the golden gate) towing a bardge
    twards Pearl. the sea was building. it was getting ROUGH? in the small confined
    very far forward (dampish, stale air, Musty) Space (the walls close in fast)
    metiforicly speaking?/? & on top of that I was told to set YOLK ?/?
    Close the hatch behind my? so there i was (with my RAG) ... that far forward
    the motion of the ship seams to be amplified in some way. so not only
    was it Rough.. it WAS ROUGH ROUGH. Sea Sickness was not far REMoved:
    Sendsations in my throught, mouth & tum tum an ever increasing REMinder
    that perhaps i had the wrong rag...OR maybe just not enought of them. THUS"
    i did take the rag and proceeded to do as told. How thankfull I am for the
    white paint. that the place was reasonably clean, gear interesting (tbc)
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    Could you please post in English? Thank you.

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    Don't hold your breath. HUb' has been making brains hurt on the internet for a very long time now. He's even capable of reducing James "Kibo" Parry to a mass of quivering jelly.

    Search for Manley Hubbell.

    "For shame, gentlemen, pack your evidence a little better against another time."
    -- John Dryden, "The Vindication of The Duke of Guise" 1684

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    HUb' ignore Obiviousman. Keep on, keeping on.

    Though I did like your earlier format, I was just getting where I could follow your train of thought.

    Now your new, "less intense" format feels like you're baby talking to us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nowhere Man View Post
    Don't hold your breath. HUb' has been making brains hurt on the internet for a very long time now. He's even capable of reducing James "Kibo" Parry to a mass of quivering jelly.

    Search for Manley Hubbell.

    Is he lost?

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    Hmmm, class of '56 I thought he was younger than that. He's already used up his three score and ten. Class of '78 myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDon View Post
    Is he lost?
    Based on his posts, I'd say so.

    "For shame, gentlemen, pack your evidence a little better against another time."
    -- John Dryden, "The Vindication of The Duke of Guise" 1684

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    Bill #1
    20090118 6:12 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) yes:
    its getting rather dull around here now tha "the" DC3 has dissareded from RADar
    = =
    My guess is he couldnt find Erheart, and went below to look there.
    whatever the case i mat as well start some new drizzel abou foriegn exchange
    : : :
    by now we were approaching the Date Line Going from today to tommor as i recall
    Gramps started a (Um}? pool and ask if i wanted to bet.
    I said sure Gramps how does POOL work. he took time to explain to me how to
    ? ? ? ?
    draw up the grid ### rows and collumes with time across
    AS i recall Minutes and Seconds Down thus if we crossed
    at 10:45:56 in the Morning whoever had row 45 column 56
    won? it was 25¢ per square. the I ask who decided the time
    he said it was him. and that the moment of crossing would
    be announced over the PA so there would be no argument?
    MySelf (i changed my mind} and told gramps that instead
    of wagering my two bits and when I would bet that at the
    time of crossing 7 would be going UP a wave not down
    ei the bow higher than the stern. & if the sea was
    perfictly flat (which seamed very unlikele to me)
    then he could win. As i REMember he declined my offer
    Just has i had changed my mind & not picked a box.
    Now you may think what is the point (NO BET) the point
    is that the game (LOTS) were drawn & some one won. I
    do not remember who. As I recall we were going down (TBC)

    (TBC)from} " ere going down "
    by now 7 was across the date line the bets had been settled with little dispute or argument
    = =
    we were now (unknow to me) in a white sea (headed into)
    a typhoon. Crew Members were becomming quit sea sick.
    : : :
    For a while I began to think I was going to be one of them.
    However I devised a self preservation plan. there was a
    hatch on the stbd side that faced aft away from the wind
    ? ? ? ?
    although my memory is dim AS I REMember the event I would
    sneek out onto the weather decks climb up to the flying
    bridge and look forward into the wind & into the sea.
    I spent a lot of time doing so Just thinkin wind wave
    Up & Down Left & right etc. probably one day, prior to the sea
    turnning pure white by the tops of the waves being blown off
    by the high wind speeds I precieved in my mind a path way
    thru the sea of least resistance. Kind of a curve to STBD
    off into the far distance. Once i had that mental image
    in my mind, My feeling of approaching sea sickness left
    and luckly for me? perhaps for the 7 'erself I was never
    bothered by sea sickness from then on. even in the typhoon itself
    well except for the BARF bucket eposoid (whitch is another tail}
    AS I said (leaving out the details) when I stepped into
    CIC RD3 looked at me and ask if I would be there a while
    when i said sure he dissappeared down the ladder in a flash

    there i was (in a vast quantity of his Vomit) here there
    and every where. especially on the RADAR screen. Really
    foul stuff. it made my stummic turn, that is for sure.
    Luckly there was a barf bucket there so i procedded to (TBC)

    20090119 8:09 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) White Waters?
    yeah| sure? its very enchanting... to see the deap sea, before me changed from the deep bruding
    = =
    Um:? darkness?/? to pure white as far as the eye could see, in ever direction
    though my gaze was forward to that mythical line / that curved away to stbd twards Japan.
    : : :
    yeah?YEAH it was the mental image of that THAT got me thru Typhoon (whoever she was) THERE
    in the ?" South China "? sea. Well enough (nawSTallga) how many days of white
    there were prior to the darkness of the Typhoon winds i do not recall
    ? ? ? ?
    Nor do I remember the actuall wind speeds that blew the tops of the approaching waves off
    to blanket the entire sea in dazzling snow white? no doubt gale force at least. the sea
    was building, yeah?YEAH?yeah Many were already very sick. ESPecially the RadioMan as I
    REMember OUR approach?/? || Description: there were 2 Crew berthing areas ... both Aft
    Fward (where I had a bottom berth) & Aft( next space tward the sten)? anyway the bunks
    were held up on one side by metal (stanshions) from floor to ceiling and the
    other side held in place by two chains (for&aft) that had J shaped hooks so
    durring the day the bunks could be folded up to allow for cleaning etc.
    OK so by this point we were well within the Typhoon (doing what I call the 4 note Somba)
    I'll begin at crash as the bow crashed into the next uncomming wave. #2 sounds were
    growns, strains, & pops as 7 rolls to port /bow up stern down. Note three was the
    budda bellows when 7 fell back on its screw &the deicels became compressors
    Eventually ... the wave passed benieth. having lifted 7 to the top n4 followed
    by roll to Stb (bow down stern up) /the high speed whine of the racing prop
    it was not really posible to sleep in such conditions. as it was quite necessary
    to hang on to the chains that held the loose(J) side of the (TBC)_ berths up. 20090119 9:01 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) yeah
    Jump: JUMP they shouted
    = =
    sure: sea bag under one arm ? orders in the other hand
    and YARDS from the pier: I tossed my sea bag to someone
    : : :
    said HERE: see if you can toss it that far: he did? it
    landed on the finger peir and the bow edged slightly
    closer Jump?Jump: &Idid (it sure looked like a BIG Jump to me
    ? ? ? ?
    I did make it to the peir, Landed in a heap with a thud
    checked the minilla envelope ? yeah I had it? looked at
    the sea bag. scrambled to my feet and waved goodby..
    As 7 slowly turned ever so slighly to head away never to be seen again
    20090119 7:19 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) HERE?NOW:there?then
    Fri Tp |-
    ..Arms..|"On my own" let me repeat? this is MyTH; there is no inTENT of TRuth or fACTs
    ..Talk..|= =
    Sat AM |these?/? opinions, views, and memories??/?? (whiTch not EVEN i trust) are miNE
    ..wrong.|and bear no resemblance in any way (Um} to HISstory as written in a LOG. wet or dry
    ..week..|: : :
    ...for..|THus: in my opinion?/? Height was paged to CONtrol (not so much){to secure a loose
    Sylvania|dog on the FORWARD HATCH} "HE" was summoned to settle a disagrement that was ongoing|and perhaps even escalating between CWO & Capt. about CONtrol of 7
    PSU/SMSU|? ? ? ?
    .CLOSED.|& once he stepped into the wheel house, where BigUN was hanging on the wheel. the
    ..CARR..|disagreement came to an end. Thus it is my "opinion" that as "HE" (now) Quickly
    ,,TALKS.|decended the ladder? to venture out onto the weather decks. it was on his sholders
    ..ED/3..|(OR maybe Arms) that what was about to happen NEXT rested
    to be honest I do not REMember exactly what happened after i had explained to him what it was
    that was to be expected of him once in CONtrol. it did not take him long to end the disagreementS
    and soon (AS i remember it) he emerged from the wheel house to decend.. I may
    have offered him HIS "Life (Um}? Vest" whitch he declined. then again probably this is A dillusion
    I being well aware of my own ability to deceive myself... about these thing ... can only point you
    to the race results at portland meadows (well maybe thats correct}?
    this year i did go.. I did not have 1 single loosing ticket this season ...
    & no niether did i get rich. the past two seasons were not Winning Seasons believe that if you like
    back to Bill Bull, as previously (Um}? I'LLuded to, the version I heard Later in the mess decks ...
    WHERE most debaits took place (even those that included CREW vs Ward Room'ERs) was that B.H.'s Jacket
    was found in the :"SCUPPER": aft of midships (ON the STB side) I heard no mention of the PORT..
    except of course when word was pasted over the 1MC for divers to (assemble there){to go out to find Bill

    20090112 5:53 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) Well?
    = =
    i did watch the Joint Chiefs interview (Um}? U know?
    About a Sub/Admerial... with lots of HollyWould X'
    : : :
    ASk BigUn (if U still see him){OR can Communicate with)
    If he REMembers When the Chanti (Um}: "Backed Down" for
    the last time... after He (Um}: ::" WASHED DOWN ":: the
    ? ? ? ?
    DECK: with green water ... {also for the last time} ...
    at least in my memory. AS i do not recall any GREEN
    water after that. I do REMember the BLUE florecent
    waters East of the Attol when we first arrived..
    gramps was in a strang mood, it was earily morning
    as i recall the event the watch was just being relived
    ? 4-8:8-12 ? I dont REMember if I was just comming on
    Just going off, or just hanging about
    Gramps looked at me and sneared. UNexpected, unWANTED,
    and uncharictoristic: gramps was usually very congenial.
    He put the Question to me. WHERE is that island on the
    Radar. "WE ARE SUPPOSED" to be there. there was no island
    My memory of the event is rather vagua. i think RD3 Wingler
    was there (he & gramps had the same watch) & as I recall
    HulaHan & I. I looked at the screen. Nothing. I then ask
    Wingler Still sitting in the chair to run a RING time (TBC)? maybe

    Bill #1

    20090114 7:47 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) (TBC)?from maybe un a RING time
    OK ? where was i?/? oh yes: in cic/Chanti had just arrived at the attol
    = =
    well acording to gramps WE WEre there (no Island) What to do:
    WELL ring time was 0 Something was wrong with the RADAR
    : : :
    Listen to this day i really do not know. it was not repaired nor was any
    effort made to do so: Toty told me that it had been cas_reped some when
    later. But at that time i had no idea..
    ? ? ? ?
    I do not put it past gramps of arriving where we did (miles East)
    when we did (daylight) i was eithor comming on watch OR the special sea
    and anchor detail had be set(Called for) Anyway gramps was needl'N me
    No one else to find the Island, & it was unpleasent (RADAR down)
    & I did NOT know why or have a clue as to what to do actually (other than
    Ring Time) which as I recall came up with 0. the more gramps needled me
    the more defencive i became suggesting that IF WE WERE at the ATTOL the
    lookouts should be able to see where we were Why Not ask them
    as I recall? &I dont, I offered to climb the mast 1. to test for output
    with a nean &2 to get a longer horizon so as to have a better chance of
    spotting the object. durring this now escalating D?bait ( with others
    Joining in) across the plotting table Where such stuff is hashed out
    one of the Stb look outs spotted something in the distance thru binoculars
    there was an exodis from CIC to the wing of the bridge & probably UP to
    the flying bridge. what a relief I had some time to think. blank..
    Well we (7) turned to Stb and it was getting dark when we anchored?

    the moral of the story? if there is one? we must have been about 10 - 12
    Miles East of the island When the search for it began? WAS THAT intentional
    i do not know. in a way i doubt this.. then again there are reasons to
    believe ThaT could be so .. AS i SAY: I know not it was hot Hot HOT (TBC)
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    Bill #1

    20090122 4:32 AM 20090122 (97205/Salmon/#502) yeah?ye
    the words are all gone? what can i say, they have vanished you see, as thats the way
    = =
    things like this happen, so i'll just stray, to some where else, as if theres today?/?
    Last week #11 tooth began to crumble? there were other things to, know what i mean?
    : : :
    as physics "String Theory" became {Knots DearY}: no not Knots the ships speed, which
    was 11, what a steed, speed did not matter, only the clatter, UP&DOWN mixed with PORT
    and Stbd too, dont forget the whicked brew. Coffee you call it, I can Laugh .....
    ? ? ? ?
    cause i know, i'll have Tea, & then will Fast. Oh well? where was I. Oh yeah in the
    hands of the PhYsicians: dont make me try, to explain Just why, I went up there
    to pill hill as its know, What did they do? built a 7enty billion $ new ... tub,
    they wouldn't let me USe. So ho I say to this very day. What could they say
    back in the day, before strings were things to think about when those were used, to sew
    up abused tissue i'd say, though maybe there was some better way. Twas not for me dont
    U see, I use I for every thing. Knots, & Clots, pains & Strains, Brains& Mains its all
    the SAMEs, dab some here DAb some there daB a little everywhere, RED is right dont U C
    ever ¢ent i get is Tee Hee HE: OH yeah back to thee, TAILs: well U know I guess they call
    it Hydro Tharapy. for me it was "One Flew Over" yes yes of course I Flew. what else could
    I do. it was gramps you see who was bugging me. never mind thoght that some other time
    right now (5:00AM) i'LL return to the Rythm.
    Before Breakfast? Let me see Eggs & sausage? would be fine, problem is theres no 'age,
    well other than mine? thUS it must be Eggs with Cheeze, what a breeze, and a bit of 11
    just because some Ca. may be the way to suplement another day, No this No that, not
    even grass? this is gett'N far to CRass? MAY as well say GOOD BY for today:

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    Apr 2004
    Welcome back, HUb'. Long time no see.

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    Well, Hub, some of the stuff that you spew from your cooked brain is correct. At least after three days of the typhoon, we did find the eye and it was very calm. The oxygen bottle that got away ended up in the radar shack and carried you away with you yelling "Hail to the chief" lol As the Damage Controlman, I was too busy pumping the bilges and eating the fresh bread that Sistrunk made. Seems like everyone else was puking their guts out.

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    Jul 2004
    Well, what can I say?

    Happy Birthday Mr Manley Hubbell! and Many More!

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    Thanks 1/26

    for those WHO follow WE are at Sistrunk ?/? "hat Sistrunk made. See"
    anyway 7:38 AM pst portland/psu/fab/55-17/C#41

    20090127 pdx.psu/FAB/55-17/c#41

    Bill #1

    20090126 2:02 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) Wheres Hummel?
    Today? January 26th is my birthday: IZ 71 Born at 12:45 AM according to certificate
    = =
    yes: I DO REMember that day? My first Swat on the bottom, My First Scream.
    ThaT however is another story this one (TBC) from :"Sistrunk"? Breakfast?
    : : :
    Really Stuck UP? there could be no better Birthday Present than a word OR
    two from Bill. Yes Dr. I must say at this time I DO NOT know! I DO: want
    to believe. Believe that? As i've often wondered about THOSE who did return
    ? ? ? ?
    Sistrunk was the one who cooked our eggs for breakfast (every day) AS I REM-
    ember he was a SeaMan. Probably busted for some infraction as were some of
    the others I REMember. Although at this moment I cant recall the IC's name
    HE was supposed to have been in After stearing when we left Pearl (But wasn't
    But D: I stray from the script: "usy pumping the bil" recall that prior to
    finding the Eye, After the HARD roll to port that unlatched all the Stb side
    bunks dumping half the crew onto the deck in the swirling water .... there
    was water comming in. As I said once the screaming&Cursing began ...
    i left my Port side bunk got dressed except for my shoes those i carried
    rolled up my pants, Look around for a life Jacket. there was a pile of
    them on a top bunk but they were tied down .. I did not take the time OR
    effort to get one loose ... instead I inched my way forward & UP
    By&By.. it was nearly inpossible to move. the forces of gravitational tossing
    were so great. there are moments however between pitches when FWD progress WAS
    possible I made it to the Ship Fitters Shop (where DC's hang) There wedged
    between sum uprights was a life jacket, I PUT that one ON. and inched FWD? TBC

    20090126 2:29 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) Wheres H CONtinued from "nched FWD?"
    Well Bill? thats what gramps ask AFTER the Green Float event (maybe U REMember}:
    = =
    12:45AM Jan26,1938 Hamal? in Aries was just setting WEST along with URanus..
    Now back to FWD (with Life Jacket ON): it was actually easier to move FWD
    : : :
    by climbing Fwd on the wall than to move up the deck because there were things
    to grab a hold of and pull myself along. Just as I reached the (Um}? Sistrunk
    space 7 gave a really violent PORT Roll. I was clinging to the wall & a could
    ? ? ? ?
    hear it.. the steel wall start to tear apart on the other side.. I HAD NO
    idea if it would tear completely loose OR? however I guess only the shelves
    tore loose that held the cups, and bowls etc .. Usually She would roll over
    and then Roll back. THAT time she stayed Hard OVER a long long long time.
    I was standing on the wall THAT was being torn to shreads and holding on
    to the overhead cables in the event the hole wall went. it did not.
    eventually She came back up. another few feet and I was as far as the mess
    deck hatch I jammed myself there to see what i would do next ... watched
    but the mess deck was awash deep water that serged from side to side with great
    violence. to swift to chance a move. Another Roll to Port Just to my right
    in front of me was a large say 55 gallon coffee URN whos stainless steel
    straps now snapped like tooth picks and the pot shot up into the overhead
    Like a rocket. I had to chance it . with the water & pot to port .. herling
    forward the ladder to the 01 was attained. Looking up a wall of water was
    Just breaking over the top of the ladder Quickly now: up onto the hand railings
    by grabbing the overhead cables the deluge passed between my legs I WAS SAFE

    7:59 my appologies WHEN this is all just a DUP its difficult to keep sea tails on the level

    10:?? pst pdx.McLiB/#357
    Bill #1

    20090127 4:20 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) ?
    perhaps? this thread will in some way turn from pure MyTH to something other than " ONE FLEW" i donno, I DON'T CARE que sir rare?
    = =
    ?" "Hail to the chief" "? (Um}: did U mean CHEF 1: a skilled male cook who manages a kitchen ? lol snorkel snorkel
    OR how about this (Um}? string ?/?" pumping th "?/? We would probably need an UMP for this 1 AS Versions do differ
    : : :
    Let me Just stick to Hail for a moment? Yes it did Snow, when we got to Yoko, that was monTHs later, OR have U 4gotten
    anyway I had the deck watch, the day the Sub pulled alongside? I 4get maybe the Blue Fin? I REMember the pieces of plywood
    around the Sail? And how embarrised i was to stand there on the after deck and salute as the CPTN walked down off the sub
    ? ? ? ?
    to the deck of the Chanti ... then across to go up the gangplank to get off. Now U tell me? what was i to do? be on the port side
    Saluting thos comming down OR STB those who were going UP: it was steep eithor way: OH well mostly I recall the torch
    light parade as night fell. yeah memories: oh my ? although i do not really remEMber I probably wound up amidships ? scratching
    my head. besides by now the water comming down to the mess decks was just a drizzel. Pump'N is an issue HOWEVER:

    Bill #1

    20090127 3:07 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) WITH
    the mess decks CHAOS behind. the rushing torent of water, streaming over the top of the ladder from 01
    = =
    AS 7 was now heavy into STB roll. about the time forward edge of the torrent approached 2/3 of the
    distance ... she began to RIGHT? AS She did so the ladders mid section rose to intercept AS the 2 met?
    : : :
    the solid torrent was ground into a frothing, billowing chaos no longer cohearent, no longer on a
    direct line to the perch on the hand rails hanging suspended from above. In the background the sounds
    of the already broken cups, bowels & kitchen equipment
    ? ? ? ?
    that had torn off the bulkhead, could be heard reducing to ever smaller higher picked ? tinkles? The
    the rush of water across the mess decks & of course the Coffee URN as it made its way from table to
    table (Port to STB). It was my turn to rest, catch my breath, and watch the frothing water decending
    step by step below me to join in the mass already in the mess hall...
    after apraising a few rolls P/S P/S etc. a moment came when it was possible to drop down, Grab the
    hand rails, swing legs forward, in the 01 direction, and simply slide UP there as if going down.
    the momentum of the roll was great enough no effort was required Just SLID UP. feet forward in AIR
    Once up scramble Quickly to STB ahead of the new batch now ready to decend the ladder on its own.
    although i do not REMember exactly where the next Perch was it may well have been to climb up the
    STB hatch dogs (that lead out to the Boat Deck)? whatever the case as soon as SHE was well over
    STB water came gusshing in around the edge of it under high pressure. AS if someone were holding
    a fire hose just outside. clearly enough to knock one down if standing in front of it. the hatch
    seamed SPRUNG? an effort was made to tighten a dog then another, none would budge even a CM, what
    to do what to do? Groping about (in semi darkness}: something was grasp. perhas a handel, finally
    one dog was budged slightly, then another and another, It was never possible to stop the water
    from comming in completely. IT was slowed from Gal/Sec to Cups/Min a big difference & relief

    Bill #1

    20090128 8:27 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) D?
    Well D: what should i say, yes of course i REMember the Day, U said U were going to get married.
    = =
    I do not HOWEVER recall if you got on the #7 before the driver turned around in the red heads Drive
    to head back up the hill (East) There were three of us in the back that day if you can recall
    : : :
    THus if U were really there THAT DAY 'twas 3:3 not counting the drive who when counted made 7
    heading North from the TURN. No I do not REMember the Month Was it '55 prior to the new year
    I don't recall. I was going to Add a happy new year message to you 1/26 (my bD & Lunar new year
    ? ? ? ?
    however ClassMate was down the note said they are REModeling. yeah sure. well its plenty Clear to me
    whos side U were on at the time so i'll just say "Yesterday" again i did try to update the bottom line below
    Just as was done all last term GET the -F- at the top to work. lol . Look I DO: go to PSU, it is NOT pleasent
    ESPecially now with the imF locking the U doors for their $'demoNONinated'$ alass its Just the way it is
    not that much different that the '69-70 "Students" I mean college Students protest WAR. HA HA HA
    well THE Big $ failed to assinate me then? perhaps they will Fail again this time. THat i do not know?/?
    Will THEY try? (well never mind the trivia) ? Like ive attempted to explain to you? EVEN IF you
    reFuse to listen (the bottom line) should take you to the top line "-F-" Where the current D'bait resides
    So anyway: yesterday there was actually some one at the desk. I did try to explain to her that just last
    week I Could modify the 7 files involved so that A-F-test could run test.cgi correctly, though it would NOT
    run F_W.cgi (that printed the date) {in the 20090128 format}? This week however things have changed
    and not even test will work (run correctly)? So there is not much I can do as the U is NOT 4Me. 'Cause
    well never mind 'Cause 'cause U can watch TV yourself, The Mass'N Cree are not currently At psU.
    there was Snow yesterday though. So Ho Ho Ho. really i best not show, to much interest for, did U
    know? there was sNOw? OK: how about this 1. its Jan. I go in to PC to make a Dr. Appointment
    Once upon a time THERE was a D there brave enought to look at me. She is gone. to Ca. Now theres none, by the waY
    Last edited by HUb'; 2009-Jan-28 at 06:14 PM. Reason: UPdate

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    Bill #1

    20090128 10:40 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) AH HA tax form time? from "cooked brain is co"
    Well yes: TRUE enough:: BiLL: Cooked (RF) & Pickeled (LSD)
    = =
    U C Bill when in 69 the assanation ATTempt ATomic vetern dies of LST overdose..
    head line news. did not happen that way. True they came to Portland State
    : : :
    Lured me in (Quit Gal etc) and handed me enough to kill a herd of ellephants
    I was Leary Bill, and instead of taking a Big Gulp Just touched the rim of the
    cup to my lip, Made the motion of taking a drink (wet my lip) & that was it
    ? ? ? ?
    I could tell from the laughter i best vamoose so i did. It took a while ...
    however it did relly foul me around ... Mental HisStory its now know AS ...
    However had i axtually taken a swallow I would shirley be one dead duck.
    I DID NOT: as U C IZ still here. in a pickle sure present none the less
    As for the cooked portion? Well bill I used to work on something$ called a 40
    pretty Hi powered in a way. something akin to a microwave oven. So yeah CoOked
    for sure but that was probably after 69? I was out of it for a year or so ..
    dont exactly REMember the details it was a long slow recover? / reMISSionS?/?
    and now this: Really Read THIS is not suggested!: ?"too busy pumping the bilges"?
    it REMindes me of the Atoll, I heard a strang noise comming up the ladder to CIC
    I looked over & up came gramps? Gramps had a grees smudge on his white hat. So
    I knew something really serious was wrong. I said "Whats UP"? Gramps told me ...
    he had been down (in the engine room}? fixing the Fire Pump?/? And went forward into the
    wheel house. So I followed along. He went over to the STBD phone talker. took the phone
    cord wrapped a loop around the guys neck and tossed the end over the curtain rail..
    he said to the phone talker ...?" YOU ARE THE PHONE TALKER so talk or i'll hang you ":

    Listen B.H. I will tell you this about that. Had the guy not said a word. (Some were
    scared speachless) I know I would have been right there stringing the guy UP: Sputtering
    he said BUT what am i to say: Gramps told him to tell the engine room to start the pUMP
    Well I could tell HE COULD TALK and got an answer back. So I walked to A port hole. TBC

    20090128 11:28 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) "from Gal/Sec to Cups/Min " into A BARF SEA
    THUS the STBD hatch out to the BOAT DECK was mostly now shut down, the 01 waters left?
    = =
    I did not try to assend the 01-02 ladder on a port roll, waiting instead for STBD. THUS
    it was a heavy climb, I wanted to see what was coming down as I went UP, thats all..
    : : :
    nothing: I poked me head around and could see Wingler, pale as a ghost PUCKING away:
    when he saw me he said ARE YOU GOING TO BE HERE AWHILE!? I nodded. And he dissapeared
    down the ladder in a flash. I looked at the radar an there was barf everwhere...
    ? ? ? ?
    My stumick did a growl & turn & I had to turn away to try to find breathable air.
    finally i regained & approached the SEAthing mass. there were large chunks of cracker
    stuck to the radar screen by the sticky smelly slime. & there was a barf bucket: I then
    began the process of trying to get the BARF into the bucket
    it was rather fewtile as soon as i scooped some in SHE would roll again and slosh it
    right back out? what to do? i seezed upon some 21 Thread (is that COorect) & tried
    hanging the bucket from the overhead. HOWEVER if I made the length short the bucket
    hit the ceiling, if i made it long it hit the walls. finally a spot & length were
    found where the BARF bucket could swing round and round and not bump into anything
    So I could get the barf ... put it into the bucket, and it would stay in there.
    & there was a lot of it. Gramps on the other side of the Chart table Noting My
    progress in containing the SEAthing mass. Smiled and tossed me a clean dry towel:
    Can you picture it ? A Neat Clean White towel in the midst of all that. Then he ask
    Whats the bang bang bang, I told him the coffee URN had busted its stainless steel
    straps and was loose on the mess deck. He grabbed some line and headed below. As
    I looked over he looked back and said "IF I DONT RETURN dont come looking for me"?

    20090129 12:01 AM (97205/Salmon/#502)Maybe?maybe Knot = Today
    Well D: today 1 ClassMate was UP (I left a GReeting) New day U no. 2. CAT message
    (that I should switch over to the php version & forget trying PERL 3. Yes them 2
    = =
    what to do what to do: IZ sure the only D'tail that would interest U in the least
    is the ones I label as 3-2-1 OR Tri-Di.Bi-Psy.Mono aka Mental HisStory etc et all
    I doubt that I have ever talked to a (Um}? Physician who did not spew that stuff.
    : : :
    For those UNfermilur with real TorchHer tri Di Means ThaT in 15 rounds at the VA
    Three doctors decided tHIS is Decidely dILLisunal. Two PhysCOTic & only one SkitZo
    that only totled 6 of 15 I would say on my own BeHalf 6 to 4 with 5 EVEN
    Believe whatever you want, Dr's is not really a issue with me much any longer.
    ? ? ? ?
    they DO know how to spell MenTaLL very well. I can say that with some CONfidence.
    Moving along anyway: About all there is of this passT is snow & that has mostly
    if not all melted. Tomorrow? I mean the rest of today is Thursday A PSU day.
    I've one class, 301 that i dropped (to full) However I DO watch the starting line
    I did call the little RED HEAD when (UM)06-4= 02 i found out BIG RED was gone:
    internal bleading Wagon ->(Girl)|Barn it sounded as though i did not get ALL
    of what happened Probably never will. To really UNderstand ? Hopeless. I was
    all there was. Maybe i'LL go in '12 Maybe not
    it does REMind me though about the Mt itself (YES & the Valley) can WE forget that
    for Today? Anyway take a Compas (used to draw circles) place the Lead part on the
    Williamette Stone. (the Williamette Stone devides OREgone into 4 parts N S E W etc
    Place the SHARP POINT on a point on the Mt. ONE MILE N & 1/2 E of the 10K hole in
    the Cematary ?/? Swing the O and you can see?/? (if your even a bit D'lusinal) What
    remains of the 24 mile diameter? Crater wall The NE & SW 1/4s Well never mind then
    that is far to much work (oh never mind) one more line to go. What 2 Do? 10 tomorrow
    I mean today? thats when the Ca. Kids are due?/? to Do their DO, or was it Do? Ho Ho Ho

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    Hub, I asked the Yeoman that was aboard if he remembered you and he said that you was a E.T. and a bright kid. Do you remember his name?


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    20090201 no:

    Quote Originally Posted by billhight View Post
    Hub, I asked the Yeoman that was aboard if he remembered you and he said that you was a E.T. and a bright kid. Do you remember his name?

    NoPE... only that HE had something to do with the ORDERS ?/?

    1:18PM pst McLiB #351
    well sorry my reply was not allowed to many bytes
    thus i must wait as the files to upload are already deleted sorry /-\Ub'

    Monday 2/2 pdx/PSU/FAB/55-17/C#41 atTempting to regroup (sorry for the CONfusion): ?/? if I skip something LET ME Kno

    7:31 AM 20090131 (97205/Salmon/#502)
    Bill #1

    20090131 6:46 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) Cart B4 Horse
    OH WELL, U say U have the deck log?//? So I wonder what the entry for 1/1/58 was about
    = =
    Anyway not that this matters in any way LOGS REMind me of once upon a time at a VA
    place. I do not recall much about it/ not UP on PiLL HiLL at a down town Go.Mint BLDG
    : : :
    anyway there were some My.MeDick.aLL questions as i recaLL, and there were files there
    with my name on them. Some event took place that required the GUY asking for D:TAIL
    to leave his chair and go elswhere. While he was away I looked at those files 4MySelf
    ? ? ? ?
    I could see for Myself that the pages had been turned so many times that the corner
    (upper right) had become curled from turning, and clearly colored check marks had been
    added. SO BILL: what I AM wondering ARE there pages of (UM}? YOUr deck log that show
    signs of having been used a lot? torn? missing, crumpled? & if so When Was THAT /-/U?

    20090131 6:29 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) January ?
    Although I do not REMember the D'Tails ... The USS Chanticleer ASR 7 was in Japan 01'58
    = =
    Yokuska? (ill check the spelling later) Was home port. We spent Christmass & New Years
    both there? Although I REMember nothing of eithor event. I DO: REMember Snow ?/?
    : : :
    and afew other details (diving school) for example (no I was NOT a diver) or driver OR
    anything of the sort. Traveling about in 10Yen taxies for the most part. I sent most
    of my money back to the States, So was not a big spender, then now or ever actually
    ? ? ? ?
    always a rather small time gambler, (I bet 25¢) that was about it. near the end of
    our (Um}: stay I road the BUS? I found that an interesting challange. As getting ahead
    is very much of a cultural thing there in my opinion. they seam to enjoy crowding, was
    the opinion i left with? (Hmmm}? I? REMember Hong Kong Just as well Maybe even better?

    20090131 7:03 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) Well? No?/?
    Shirley: IZ not 4got CUMpletely, its just I see nothing to reMARK about.
    as far as U goes? yeah: I went T U &F, Mostly noNE events. Josh did ASK whats UP
    = =
    well never mind (nothing) OK well maybe? 1 White Sea Gull? Yes Dr. I had the
    JVC along Friday. I do take it in. And too... Susan B was seen. said OK go ahead
    Shoot "anytime" so I'LL put the V'D:IO up and post a link to it soon IFi CAN
    : : :
    OH? yeah Sailing: Well i do get JUNK mail, speaking of mail ... (well later)
    {the mail.D:tail} VAnished. Anyway the Chineese Lady who sits in with the sailing
    coach. NO NO GIrl not the PSU Sailing Coach .. Anapolis1: (now where was I)? Mail
    NO I dont REMember just now, She(China_Lady) went to China and brought Me A fen?
    ? ? ? ?
    Is that the proper word. My Chineese doeth suffer: if it weren't for O (u know)
    Neuberger 4??O I doubt that i would Kno where to Go for thOse D'tails Dr. Thanks
    This is about Korean though so sharpen you lead. Line UP your BisQuick (oh never
    Mind) My SS Guy (he's Korean){S.) called my (Um}: Answering Service... YES eveN
    though i'v NO PHONE Dr, its possible to get MESSage to me on atT system Dr:I.go.Up

    20090131 4:08 PM (97205/Salmon/#502)

    Bill #1

    20090131 2:38 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) From "A port hole. TBC"
    So: yeah? I walked forward, to A fwrd port hole and look out.
    = =
    i could still hear gramps muttering to the STBD phone talker
    as i pered forward, then Gramps Grumpally said very loudly ...
    : : :
    WELl DID IT START!!! yES: it started! was my reply as i turned
    to face them. Perhaps white as a towel, i do not know, All I
    know is a burst of frivolity swept over me. I was scared silly?
    ? ? ? ?
    near the edge of A histerical out burst of laughter i simply
    continued my turn and walked slowly back tward CIC. yes gramps
    the FIRE PUMP started Gramps see for youself the water pooring
    out of the broken plastic pipe That Bill has so dillagently ?/?
    informed US that he installed (in Japan}? anyway the pipe
    had been broken by the blast as it past the ship Bow to.
    so there was no preasure to force the sprinklers to spray
    water everywhere. instead there was just 1 steady steam
    right there forward of the wheel house so easily seen If U JUST
    look. Really REdickUlass. (well never mind? My guess is that
    event (check your LOG) happend prior to leaving the Attol
    really I do not know the next event in this drival will be
    basically below, as the three of us? Wingler, Myself &RD3
    ?"Blackie"? (Smith}: had been told to go to the ET shack
    We were sitting there CONtemplating (em.groupe') our fate
    Cookie #1 brought over a big (Gallon}? Can of mixed Nuts tbc

    Bill #1

    20090131 3:01 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) yes Drrr Three?
    FROM "White towel": Gramps had dissapeared bolow / WITH som twine ?
    = =
    I had managed to correll most all of the SEAthing SLimey Smelly barf into the bucket
    &It was staying in there! Cleared of the RADAR screen with 1 corner of White Towel
    : : :
    and looked for (Um}? targets?/? which is rather fewtile?/?/? Solid Sea return OUT
    20 miles? there were time though on top. As SHE crested Just prior to the prop
    freewheeling in mid Air and the Sceam of the DeCiels racing with no Load
    ? ? ? ?
    When the RADAR could See for a moment beyound the next wave. ThaT brought some kind
    of comfORT however brief. Then a glance at the Wind Speed indicator 89-90 with
    gust reaching full scale at 100 KNOTS: Gramps emerged from below with a coffee CUP
    that some how had servived the REDUCTION & a small tea pot full of Coffee.
    I watched what happened next with GREAT interest? ReCall now at times like this it
    was often easier to crawl up A wall than go by deck. Gramps was standing over there
    Just on the other side of the CHART TABLE with the tea pot in one hand and a whole
    coffee cup in the other. HE held the CUP upside down at arms length ABOVE the spout
    and on the next roll?/? with a slight motion upward of the pot. a solid stream of
    steaming black coffee emerged out the spout and proceed straight up into the
    upside down CUP. Then at precisly the right moment a flick of his rist. Cut the
    stream ... once it was all in the cup he inverted it and said HERE take this to OD
    that is the only time I ever recall being angry. I TOLD Gramps I WAS NO Stewards
    Mate ... ... ... ThankFully Gramps Change his tone & said take this UP to the
    wheel house & give it to Cracklisa. WhiTch Dr. I did proceed to do. PLEASE REMember
    IF U do read this nonesence that walking around WAS NOT AN EASY THING TO DO!

    Bill #1

    20090131 3:33&1/3 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) Yes Dr.
    I mean NO Dr. But from: "Ho Ho Ho." Shirley Sure that I was in all probability ...
    = =
    Scared Silly, theres not much doubt in my mind some were scared speachless?/?
    Weather Gramps was actually Scared to death I DO NOT know. I do know of one
    : : :
    (Um}? STBD phone talker who was not far from the reality of THAT at that moment
    Then again I'poise you would prefer this in the B.M. Language. HA. Listen one
    day Koon said to me. ONE of these mornings when you go out to get on the #7
    ? ? ? ?
    BM will be passed out behind the wheel of her car in the ditch on the other side
    of the road. "AND WHEN YOU DO" just leave her there. SO yeah PM, earily one Morn
    I went out to get on the 7 and sure enought there was B.M. passed out, behind the
    wheel of ? car in the ditch. When I got on 7, Driver ask me about "her"
    I told him exactly what Koon had told me, he glanced at his watch, he was already
    late, looked one more time over his right sholder and we went on up the GRADE
    As i recall by the time I returned that night the M car was gone. However while
    on the subjuct of Oregons First (Um}: Father of Physco Analysis ?/? let me say
    say this about that year: YES i was poor, as U have probably been REMinded of
    over & over & over again. in fact I still AM. Thank U? anyway Koon found me
    work up the hill. Some with REED's (School Teacher & Sister) WinkleMans ...
    Head of engineering BPA hi powered transmission lines / His Wife (what was her name
    & and the Lady North of ORT ? yellow car at the moment i do not REMember. Anyway
    the (i guess i mean THOSE) Ladys? feed me very well. I REMember ESPeciall the PEACH
    Cobbler to this day? those ? tails will just have to wait. for now Just let me say
    I HAVE MY OWN tail of Mental history BEFORE LSD was a pop CULT word on this Planet.

    7:47AM PST (well almost):
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  22. #292
    YELLOW car aws Kicks:

    now back to pdx/PSU/FAB/55-17/C341 at 7:51 or some other time:

    20090201 8:16 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) yawn(4hrs2)

    Bill #1

    20090201 6:36 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) from "mixed Nuts tbc"
    by now Bill? its the shortest month of the 12...
    = =
    should i say Christian Calendar Months. I prefer to skip that D'bait for 30 days though?
    thing were about to get complex as THAT can of nuts WAS opened? there was a knife.
    : : :
    My memory of the opening cerimony is not detail, probably Smitty had THE knife with
    the can opener blade and did the deed? Maybe it was Wingler? I don't actually REMember
    tHE CAN was opened and we each in turn made a selection OR two or three..
    ? ? ? ?
    Whatever the case once armed with Braziles, English Wall Nuts, maybe Pecons? Wingler
    turned the conversation to Radio Activity, Sugesting that it was RA Hot already.
    Blackie just shook his head in uncertanity and downed a cashoo OR two. When My turn
    came I sort of shruged and thought OUR SITuation over .. then suggested the UPN1A
    YOLK had already been set and the hatch in the (Um}? floor in the ET shop, that lead
    down to ET stores, (Um}? 2 decks below the main deck, where OUR upn1a was stored WAS
    dogged down plent tight. UNopenable by hand ... it took a doging wrench to open it.
    after lengthy debait AMOUNGST the three of US it was decided to get OUR UPN1A out!!!
    So I broke YOLK, and up one deck came the (Um}: ET's UPN1A (SINtallation Counter)
    The hatch was redogged NOT SO Tightly batteries installed and Counter placed on the
    counter & turned on. click click click ON THE lowest (most sensative scale) VERY low
    reading. Wingler was surprized, & alarmed too, suggesting THAT "My" counter was ...
    Basically Busted? and could not detect anything even if something were there. There
    was a watch as I recall with a radium dial? Perhaps Winglers own. I do not remember
    the watch dial details. I do recall being able to increase or decrease the count by
    moving the (Um}: wand ... near or far from the watch face. (this may be wrong)? TBc

    Bill #1

    20090201 7:08 AM (97205/Salmon/#502)FROM: ~"T AN EASY THING TO DO!"
    READers please note: it was these EVENts (after the stainless steel strap snap)
    = =
    Probably UP to and Maybe including Bills arm being (Um} Set by the ChorMan Chief
    ThaT prompted me to include all this drival in an Astronomy FRAME. out of this WORLD?
    : : :
    thUS i carried the CUP(whole) filled with steaming hot liquid forward from CIC across
    the platform at the top of the 01-02 ladder and into the open door of the wheelhouse
    where Big'UN was draped (over Around & THrough) the Wheel .. to the Port side:
    ? ? ? ?
    WHERE CWO Cracklisa was standing, wedged in as i recall between a Chair heater & the
    port side bulkhead? I reached forward to hand over the contents. What happened next
    burnt one of those into the very sinues of my memory events (thing You never forget)
    CWO reached out with both hands and gently grasp the cup between them. AND THEN ...
    very carefully & delibertly moved the cup left & right Foward & Aft as I watched a
    magic ritual! realizing THEN that using the CUP & its contents as a counter weight
    ballance that he (CWO Cracklisia) could now control the Chanti thru even worse
    than the current 100 knot breeze & I had nothing further to worry about ...
    I cannot possible explain my esatice feeling (of relief) having been there THEN, I
    turned to work my way back to the RADAR. about the time I was opposite the WHEEL
    in a very efforic maybe even frollicing mood the thought came to me of having Just
    been there to whitness Gramps pouring coffee strait up into a CUP held UPside DOWN
    I did not want to have Gramps get the best of me on this 1, So I devise a plan of my
    own. I paused there about level with the wheel. perhaps bigun looked over as if to
    say U made it up here now make it back. NO: I had a PLAN. TO TRAVEL in freefall from
    where i stood back to the radar. Some 15-20 feet, in mid air, with no support. tbC

    Bill #1

    20090201 7:44 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) FROM ~"his Planet."~
    SHE: served me Peach Cobbler, OH HOw I remember the taste of that, in fact I sill can:
    = =
    anyway Dr. there is far more to this tail than Just the taste of that. REMember He?
    Winkelman as i recall the D'tail, WAS the head engineer of the BPA Hi Power Xmission
    : : :
    (Um}: Line (say to Ca.}: So not only was I instructed HOW to eat PEACH ... WHERE TO
    (no I did not have to cross the street) I had to go UP the hill, Just as you HAD TO.
    anyway i digress ( Koon exlained to me what he considered to be the problem with IT.
    ? ? ? ?
    thus in May of '80 (REMember Mt. Saint do U)? well YES: i could REMember Cobbler etc
    and had no problem UNtill after THAT insofar as this goes. Let me say BB that WE...
    meaning U&I sugar are far to near to this event for me to carry forward any of the
    sPACIFIC details. YES: I knew how I still do!-! as PB would say PM "it matters noT"
    So the post '80 details will be glossed over and your tail restarted APrIL 1 81
    with Oscar. My attorny for the prelude to the ONE FLEW ('75 J.NickleSON) movie
    My point being Dr. that 6 years prior to the maid in Oregon event the writers
    of the script certainly lacked imagination in the HER/him Dramatic Moment ...
    it did not happen that way .. White Pill ... under toung .... turn TURN ..... REMove
    no and i'LL not continue to make any atTempt to explain what really happend today..
    maybe not even TOMmorow. By the end of FibUaUry thought U should have that inTIMate
    detail well in hand. That is IF u'V any interest at all (Um}? in Maid in OREgone ?/?
    in the interium Just let me REMind you of the class of '56 events ON ClassMates.
    yes:YES: of course i'll update it. today about Noon OR 1 from the Library across
    the street. Not from PSU or even from (Um}? Alder. Listen Chickee: I do Not UN-
    derstand EVEn whY U list yourself there. I DO believe that it is you there though:

    20090201 5:10 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) hmm?
    Bill #1

    20090201 2:16 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) yeah:
    no bill: this E.T. is not a people person, I DOT not REMember the Yoemans name.
    = =
    I'VE some real vague idea about the ?"ORDERS"? ... I think the 1st Class RadioMan told
    me about THEM? Said the Yoeman had them & to check with him. I do not recall WHERE?
    : : :
    I sort of remember (someway) of getting to his office door?/? as i recall he was YO3
    and had an office somewhere forward and below decks. as i remember the event ...
    &I don't really! he was seated beside a gray IBM typewriter BEHIND a dutch door .?.
    ? ? ? ?
    that the top half of was open, and the bottom half closed. & maybe thats wrong. HE told
    me i had orders to be transfered? AS I Recall? & I ask how did he know that. and he told
    me they came in over the radio & RM1 gave the message to him to type up & give to Me.
    Later? thats about all I REMember ... other than it became a mess hall D'bait ...
    that after the First day I DECIDED I did not want anything to do with it and left that
    decision TO (Um}? "JUMP SHIP" up TO gRAMPS. he ? yo3 may well have been in OPS Dept.
    though really I do not REMember. only that we fell in for muster on the STBD side
    FWRD? there weren't many in OPS ThaT tall Ensign I stood Underway watch with was Ops.Off
    Mostly Gramps ran the show, Toti was there ET1 (converted RadarMan) Hulahan Sg?3
    (signalMann)? Wingler RD3 Smitty?/?RD3 & maybe the first class Radioman. Perhaps
    the 1st class Cook & Sistrunk? though I do not Remember at all. Not more than a dozen
    but those even i've mostly forgotten. I do REMEMBER when cookie1 came back aboard
    Just prior to our leaving. As PO of the deck I was 'poise to check for carry on bottles
    HA: well its my guess YES: Cookie carried on? thught i really never know for sure. it
    was an interesting Mid watch though? lot of foot traffic that night (Hmm}? maybe even U
    though I only REMember Cookies Return. WHAT an act. Staggering Stumbling nearly fell?

    Bill #1

    20090201 3:06 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) Listen ?
    the first of the month is a complex time computer wize? theres the E-Mail folder STUFF
    = =
    PLUSS the Message I cant reply because i used to many bytes? so now i've no idea where
    (oh never mind) FWRD From?/? ?"with no support. tbC"? REMember this is AS-TRO?phisics
    : : :
    OK: so i was standing there awaiting the precise moment to simply lift my feet and
    transport mid air (about 15 or so feet from the wheel level to the RADAR chair.
    soon along came the object of my ATTention (I call this a POD) and stoped to my right
    ? ? ? ?
    I was aware it was there WAITING for me to get in? HOW do U get into (ONE) I reached
    twards it and a gull wing hatch opened on a hindge at the top. the top was narrower
    than the bottom /_| and the hole thing was shaped like an egg? I lifted my right leg
    first and put it in. then ducked my body in .. and when my left leg was in hatch closed
    well? there i was, for a moment, inside (_), suspended in mid air (levatating)? next
    the POD slowly drifted AFT twards the door? as I looked forward I could plainly see
    that on the course i was on my left leg would pass thru the hatch but my right side
    would wind up plastered on the jam. I looked about for some way to steer (theres NoNE
    as the leading edge of the pod touched the jam a ripple effect took place around the
    perimiter? like a distortion to a soap bubble if touched. Seamingly aware of my concern
    the pod drifted left Carring me along to center us in the door way to continue the trip
    It was Xtreamly peacfull, calm & serine in there totally away from typhoon chaoos.
    as i pass by the 01-02 ladder i looked up at the overhead cables, & noticed how much
    detail was clearlly seen. as if time were passing very slowly and each photon of light
    from above had plenty of extra time to sharpen the focus of very fine detail on my
    brain. truely a very memerable moment in time. as I drifted SLOWLY thrue space TbC}

    Bill #1

    20090201 4:02 PM (97205/Salmon/#502)Yes D: if it were AM?
    it would be music hour. No I do not know the answer to Bills MeDocALL Question ?name?
    = =
    W comes to mind though? Like Wally or Walter? Weaver ? Worthy (oh never mind) CONfusion
    has taken hold. thanks in part to the Astronomers: To Long? who do they think theyre KDN
    ; ; ;
    Yes: Dr. i did update classM and yeah the count is way down. in fact i'll plot the new
    plot prior to finishing this so you get two time stamps today NOT JUST (one)? the string
    V=[11 22 29 30 30 58 71 89 108 122 144 159 178 191];X=1:14;plot(X,V,'or') 4:14 PM OK?
    ? ? ? ?
    Just a Min D: ? 4:31 PM WELL on second thought 13 down from 19 in dec? 68% ? vs 22
    WELL dthr: the data keeps changing SO I replotted it again 5:01 PM So there is A
    BRANd new version for C.M. for tomorrows post time? Monday around 7:37AM PST/fab/?
    What I guess I ment was the Messages(that i cant read)are down (see Plot/ Jan) Fib2

    I may have lost a day or 2 some when durring the change of the month 7:51
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    20090203 10AM nh437CO2

    20090202 8:37 PM (97205/Salmon/#502)
    Bill #1

    20090202 1:56 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) B? yeah:
    lets see if there is anything loose in my braincells that wants to hop out ...
    = =
    Other than the Gal in the yellow car(Dodge}? was Kicks as in get your kicks on route 66
    FROM: ~"ling nearly fell?"~ that night? maybe our last in Japan (i did NOT know) was ..
    : : :
    rather an ordeal? I REMember cookie coming aboard, but there were others: it was indeed
    stressfull. Those OLD salts, & me watching them return? trying to keep cookie out of
    the water as he nearly fell in several time just on the gang plank alone. Whoo...
    ? ? ? ?
    Anyway Bill? I've sort of lost track of the thread. FEB 1 put me in a spin that it will
    take me a long time to recover from. I did see Hulahan?/? as i recall maybe a year or
    so later in the BeaMans Club AT Pearl. He told me they cut up 7 in Oakland and gave
    every member of the crew a piece of wood from the DECK. Showed me his piece ?/?/?/?
    I really have no idea if there is any truth to that or not. I've learned to doubt things
    that seam to be. I would like to know: if you do hear from the yoeman if he knows any
    of the deck wood tails? what i saw somewhere on the web was 7 was decommissiond years
    later maybe 64 or some such number.. NOT in '58 when the crew returned (I got out in 60
    which REMindes me to ask about yourself?/? I think U can guess for yourself that this
    thread is really about U, not about me or even about 7. It was you who set YOLK ?/?
    REmember? and who the Doc patched up. weather the tail about your jacket hung up in
    the starboard scupper had any merriot, ive no idea. that was what i REMember hearing
    ON the mess deck/ AFTER you were back in. & there are other tid bits I would like to
    know about also, besides the deck wood tail? You say you have the Deck Log?/? That I
    find very interesting: Indicating to me '58 was the year of the Cut Up. not ASR7 web
    history? Really any factoids would be usefull, ESPecially dated events (Like Xmass}?

    20090202 2:22 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) note time shift:
    anyway see if this makes any sence AT ALL: FROM: "rue space TbC}"
    = =
    I recall Gramps glacing over from his focus on the tea pot now carefull positioned on
    the chart table. in some way as to keep the contents INSIDE, as I slowly drifted aft.
    : : :
    beyound the edge ot the DRT and tward the Radar chair to do my precalculated landing?
    wait a second the chair had turned and was facing the radar, NOT MY way: It was going
    to be necessary to turn it 90 degrees CW in order to land corectly AS I turned CW 180
    ? ? ? ?
    as the forward edge of the pod reached the chair it dimpled in. at that time i reached
    forward thru the pod (Um}: skin to grab the back of the chair to spin it around so as
    to land in a seated position. As i did the shell broke into many many irrigular shaped
    pieces. like when a hard boiled egg is cracked, and those pieces FELL away ...
    AS that event happened, there was some kind of a unwinding of time, and all of that
    stored up time of floating thru space SLOWLY vanised in a time warp & I banged into
    the chair with such force it buckled the deck plate the chair was fastened to. micro
    cracked the fwrd deck weld and left the chair tilted at an angle (TREMENdous Forces)
    appearently due to the time compression to return from the Time expansion?/?(dialtion)
    while in free fall?/? Anyway Gramps look over again?/? What the hell do U think your
    doing? (UM}: Just trying to keep the BARF in the Barf Bucket Gramps, Cracklisia said
    thanks for the Java' Actually he had not said a word... well maybe not anyway.
    BUTT Back in the radar chair I glance once again at the wind speed ... Steady 100 K
    not gusting. the tilted Chair was deffinatly going to be a problem? As soon as gramps
    was again preoccupied (keeping the cofee in the pot. I hopped down to try to push the
    chair back to upright. not so funny, Still for the most part I felt Good I WAS SAFE.

    20090202 3:21 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) yes BB doll now WHEN R we?
    anyway this morning 7:47 maybe ?/? i had trouble ... trying to update CM ?/?
    = =
    I had forgotten to dump the new plot to floppy so i had no NEW plot to upload ?/?/?
    &I have difficulty REMembering the D'tail of that? was it 7:47? hmm maybe not
    : : :
    whatever the case I DO: remember rechecking all the time lines (that I check) 5 or 6
    Could be Seven? tho i doubt this. Anyway they tossed in a Questionair. A gold card
    promo actually. I did take the time to fill it out. I AM not anti ClassMate..
    ? ? ? ?
    I think they do doo their job adaquatly, I AM not found of Class, I think they all
    may be way to stuckUP to spare even one word about the HERE&NOW or the there&then
    really chickee this includes U in that. (Sorry) Well yes: Dr. TimeLiNEs I know
    THANKS. I mean it. I do not want to turn to negative about class vs ClassMate
    i did REMember Mrs Kicks or was it Ms? well I dont know. Not much of a feeder?
    Thus I REMber nough. anyway Saturday i went out to the River (Riverswest) as
    I got an E-Mail suggesting i go. SO I did. there was someone there Just 1 guy
    I looked for my fishing pole but it had been moved, maybe thrown out ?/?
    donno, dont much care. its like (oh never mind) the computers in FAB were working
    its just that i forgot to transfer the PLOT file. the ones in neuberger were real
    slow.. eventually i got the tune list (for Ramose) printed and the youtube video
    site (for S.B.) printed also. Payed RENT $411 and got a new battery for the Digit
    I need to go to safeway for milk cause i forgot milk when i was at Fredies getting
    a new light bulb for the three way & (some Jello from wallgrens) So yeah yeah its
    a bright sunnshinny day. Shirley said buy that one when I ask about a $69 printer
    price. Really: /-/Appy new Year PM

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    20090204 the end of page 10 ?/?

    7:36 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) For 10AM hr post from McLiB

    Bill #1

    20090204 6:51 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) Well bill?
    for the most part? once back to the (Um}: tilted CHAIR? my part of this thread WAS:
    = =
    mostly OVER: having delivered the CUp to CWO.OD. enabeling him to have those counter
    forces to gude Chanti thru the next hours/DAYS/eterenity of the typhoon...
    : : :
    even though the wind increased from steady at 100 Knots, up to the CW stop (maybe 113)
    where it eventually hit the peg so hard the pointer bent. Eventually the wind-bird WAS
    blown? clear away?/? (Could have been the sea) whatever above 120-180? no way to know
    ? ? ? ?
    there was no longer any way to even guess: when the gust were still in the space between
    100 (top of scale and the Stop{peg}) the RADAR antenna began to act strang it would stop
    turning then speed forward 1/3-1/2 turn and pause again. then it started turning the
    wrong direction (WHICH BILL) I considered inpossible (screw drive) I look at the book
    it said AN/SPS-5 Antenna designed to withstand 98 MPH winds So I notified the bridge I
    wanted to turn off the Antenna drive motor to prevent PROBLEMS? Permission granted:
    the wind still blew the radar antenna around erattically? Really Bill there was
    nothing out there: to alarm me. not even your freek wave. which really wasn't
    because that was simply BigUn at the wheel giving you a little tast of salt water.
    To HAVE a memmory of the moment when you were called upon to settle the REAL true
    debait that was taking place at that time over (UM}? control of the ships future
    there is little point in my chiming in about hangings or bangings or any of that
    By By Bill: Sure i'll still be around, though don't expect me to return any thing
    of real interest to the readers from here on: Its mostly up to the YoeMan, What
    was his name? Younger even than I as I recall, A good looking neat person?/? YO3
    office by the Armory? doc's office? As for Rue who i though i knew? I didn't. By

    20090204 7:17 AM (97205/Salmon/#502)From ?od I WAS SAFE."~
    well as i've alread mentioned the wind bird was not? it carried away, as did other stuff
    = =
    never mind the D'tail, as PB would say "it matters nought" there was bright sunshine
    it felt good: it had been very very dark a long time / no bow light for days ?/?
    : : :
    for those who do follow this drival (I mean My drival BIll) I use 5 different Calendar
    system in my (Um} "ASTROLOGY" in the MyAnn system IZ the Wind-Bird Look it Up if U
    like. it so long ago ive 4got (52 earth year cycle as i recall? next is the OX
    i've 4got which OX (a 12 year Cycle) & the current YEAR. and AN Aquarian (1/26/38)
    the other two systems are even vauger? I use Mayan twice Long 52Y & short 13*20=260Days

    20090204 7:31 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) well Rue
    I thought I knew:
    = =
    I was MISS taken Sorry
    : : :
    now i've not a clue
    as to what to do
    to keep this (third) leg
    ? ? ? ?
    as a peg to prevent
    to much tilt
    in the AFT direction
    time will tell ... I can only hope Bill is well: /-/Ub''
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    Hub, just to update you, you came aboard 21 Feb, 1957 as a ET striker. Gil Rothweiler was the yeoman, Nick Cracolice was the Deck CWO, Lt Clark was the XO. The next time I go to review the microfilm. I will print off the complete crew list and try to figure out whom Gramps was. lol
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    20090208 pdx/psu/BUSINESS/340

    Bill #1

    20090208 8:19 AM (97205/Salmon/#502)yeah: FROM ?"watch face. (this may be wrong)? TBc"
    to me there ARE two main issues? The MAIN FIRE PUMP tail, & the SINtalation Counter UPN1
    = =
    the first pUMP had to do with levels of fear (on the faces){in the voices of} CREW
    THE second has to do with COUNTING events ( i will say by the second ) probable WRONG
    : : :
    this is about the SECOND: As stated the three of us sat there munching mixed nuts for
    several Minutes, discussing the readings we were getting of of OUR UPN1A and what LOW
    levels ment. We were one deck below the main deck as i recall the ships drawings ?/?
    ? ? ? ?
    WORD had been passed (as previously reported) {Over the 1MC anouncing system for the
    DECK CREW to muster? on deck to toss all the 9 inch line over the side so it would
    not soak up the fall out into which we would soon be under. ( & YES Dr. it fell ):
    Wingler, more suspicious than eithor of the two of US chimed in, ??? I BET A brizil
    that its rally hot up on deck ??? I could not let the bet pass and raise two Hazzels
    took the UPN1A and went up to the main deck and aft to the thawrt ships passage.
    pearing around the corner i cound see the port side hatch was open & it was Bright
    vERY VERY bright out, so i ducked back around the corner and brought up the UPN,
    CAREFULLY now setting it to the highest scale and placing the Gamma shield over
    the Detector wand (JUST in CASE) as i was planning on scanning down to the count
    NOT UP: I held the wand out into the thawart ships passage and turned on OUR AN/UPN
    I gave out a loud scream, peged the meter HARD against the CW peg and died. Whoo:
    I scramed out of there and back below: reported this factoid to the two of them ...
    we looked at each other DOWNed some more nuts and began to Xamine our dead member?
    Toty arived on scene (white as a ghost)? well maybe not ... TBC from MayBe (Wh

    (Bill? I will pass on the E-Mail as i've issues with E-Mail & FEE-Mail ) {Later} {{ THANKS }}

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    HUb', while you wait for Bill to look at the microfilm, would you care to explain your message format a bit? I mean the "? ? ? ?", "/TilT\", "~bt~", etc. parts.
    "Dumb all over, a little ugly on the side." -- Frank Zappa
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    Quote Originally Posted by slang View Post
    HUb', while you wait for Bill to look at the microfilm, would you care to explain your message format a bit? I mean the "? ? ? ?", "/TilT\", "~bt~", etc. parts.
    Bill #1

    20090208 10:20 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) MeMoRe CHECK?
    I do not REMember:
    = =
    I was graduated from Beaverton Union High June of 1956?
    really they wanted me GOne and when i told them ...
    : : :
    I needed a Deploma to enlist in the US Navy theY printed me one
    Spent 6 week (OR was it 6 Months}? Boot camp in San Diago Ca.
    in one of two ALL Oregon Companys. Back to Portland for parade
    ? ? ? ?
    after a short leave it was Electronics School in San Fransisco
    at TI for 52 weeks? as i Remember things. Another Leave then to
    the USS Spery in San Diago Harbor? I do not exactly recall when
    I made 3rd class? Nor the exact date of transfer to ASR-7
    i rather doubt the FEBruARY date however. So backwards in time
    from cinco de mayo when i jumped ship & landed kerplunk on the
    finger peir at Pearl. Check your Globe: Enewetok to Pearl at 12
    knots OR was it 11. Whatever the Numbers its clear 7 left Atoll
    in the latter part of APRIL passing thru the fall out on its way
    THERE exists 0 doubt in my mind about the water being ionized.
    THAT matters not, at least to me, other than the gramps/firepump
    tail. What matters to me is the Nine inch line TAILS? maybe off
    the port sweep reel, and other storage places too. It is my
    belief that Big'UN. was part of the deck crew who went out on
    deck to toss the line over prior to the falling (Um)ion.water.
    It was April of 58 (Six months prior READ October on A calendar

    Bill #1

    20090208 2:32 PM (97205/Salmon/#502) YES?MayBe
    Make no missstake, IZ D'lighted to hear any peep whatsoever...HOWever my skeptic is Hi.
    = =
    today (Sunday) i was in the Education Building (EB){C7 on map) ({across broadway from
    SNSU)} a new venue for me although i have been there prior (this term) {STILL NEW}:
    : : :
    thus the EB is not BUSINESS its EDUCATION: be advised?/? OK back at Bill? let me LOOK:
    OK just to give U a bit of taste of this the smoke detector went off (I was boiling
    some water for Jello) there must have been something on the bottom of the pan?
    ? ? ? ?
    next I put the floppy in the drive to LOok at todays read message about ?CREW?
    it acted weird? then the in file was not included in the list. Next try I see
    a pop up on the screen reporting the floppy is not formated? U bet ? THUS my
    skeptic level rose 1 story at least. to say level 3 of 6 or maybe 7 I donno:

    6:53 AM (97205/Salmon/#502)
    Bill #1

    20090210 6:03 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) yeah.
    aye: I somewhat doubt that I'LL be of much help from this time (Um}? FORWARD ?/?
    = =
    Looking back? I've some very established long term memories of those days (57-59)
    HOWEVER: there exists much I do not REMember? Dates, times, & People
    : : :
    MySelf? more of a loner than a people person, you probbly get more of an equipment
    perspective, than personal insight into the (rather) dramatic events that did take
    place? in that time frame. Sorry if i disapoint in reguard to whos who or EVEN where
    ? ? ? ?
    WHEN? in the upcomming 1/2 hour an effort will be made to reestablish the three
    ?{prespecives)? B C D ? Do REMember that even though I'll write D: I rather doubt
    that Dee doeth exist in reality in this thread. She does in the 55 year book?
    for example page 42 73 &103 Drum& Bugle, Sophmore, Torch. Anyway enough asides:

    20090210 6:21 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) NO.
    I Do not REMember WHERE this is FROM with out Copy & paste SO:? From:
    = =
    ?"13*20=260Days"? :"on A calendar": ("(EB){C7 on map)") yeah: Plenty Funny
    Well you can look up the Stats for "One Flew Over" (OfO) for yourselves
    : : :
    that is IF there are any of U's, Most of whatever I returned with has long since
    vanished in the CHaos of my (Um}:? Existance, except the Choas itself. THAT REMains
    I DO REMember with some fond memories a COOK's Math book from ET school though
    ? ? ? ?
    Just why I've no idea, I used it very very little, but i did use it. Anyway YES:
    there will be an efort to respond to (what appears to me to be Questions) HOWEVER
    REMember I classify any furthe C Class entries as dillusional, accepting this/THAT
    Label as legit. However I, Myself see no real crime in being a Dreamer of THat sort.

    20090210 6:35 AM (97205/Salmon/#502) yaeh?YEAH
    well D as U can see
    = =
    I'Z already over the time limit and have not even Begun
    Drum & Bugel, Hu? well that was 55 not 56 and this is %^
    : : :
    for sure, & #7 56 not whatever you rode? one more Aside?
    WELL with RAYmond ... OH never mind (C/57) it just raises the JM
    question, & D i've no clue. Although I went? I did not ATTend.
    well at least to my knowledge I did NOT. SO yes D: Dr.Ley's HOW
    ? ? ? ?
    ARE there Questions? I rather doubt this too. ONE FLEW OVER got
    the gist of events (Um}81-75 (6yr later) fairly correct. WELL D
    except for the REAL Dramatic moment between He/She? Yes D: HE/she
    I'll leave it that way AS that is the way
    I saw the Made(in Oregon) for the Movie screen event (6:51 AM) PSt
    6:54 AM

    ?"at a bit? I mean the "? ? ? ?", "/TilT\", "~bt~", etc" tbC (maybe? in March}?
    bt means Beyound TliTed ( far Beyound } Tanks
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    thanks Hub'
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    Quote Originally Posted by slang View Post
    thanks Hub'
    very funny slang (laughter from the hall}:
    i will ATTempt to LInk thru and report below?/? 2:41...

    sorry was UNable " 4 videos, a billion questions " BILL BILL
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