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Thread: What's that song?

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    What's that song?

    I kind of have a problem on my hands. I have been looking for a jazz song that I heard on a local jazz station (95.7 the wave), and I am having no luck trying to go through every song the station has played (listed on their website). The problem is there are no lyrics in this song, and attempting to express the way it sounds it text would make me look loony.
    I wish someone could help me

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    Do you know WHEN the song played? Even though they put their play list online, it likely doesn't include times. But station logs should tell you what was played when. Call the station on the phone and ask. Worst they can do is hang up. You can even hum the tune or otherwise describe it. "That tune with the drum and flute solo and a salsa beat" might be enough to clue in the program director.

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    Is it the one that goes "va dat da ve dat dat, va dat da ve da do"?

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    Re: What's that song?

    Quote Originally Posted by worzel
    Is it the one that goes "va dat da ve dat dat, va dat da ve da do"?
    Sounds to me more like the one that goes "in a ga da da vi ta ba by". But wait, that's rock not jazz.

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    If you have a microphone, you can even sing or whistle the tune into the computer...

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    wow, never heard about the musipedia I am definately going to have to try that.
    As for the song, all I really know is that it sounds really upbeat, and they it is the song playing in the background for their trip a day give away commercial (I think that is it).

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    Pfft. If it's a song in the background of a commercial that they made,, then someone in the advertising and/or production dept of the station knows what it is.

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    Well I know that it isn't a song specifically made for a commercial, it actually is a real song. The problem is I just don't know which one it is.

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    Which radio station, commercial, or song?

    I think the suggestion was that if the radio station used the music in a bump/station break, that calling or e-mailing the radio station might get you an answer, if you remember which bump it was.

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    I think I am going to take PatKelleys advice and call them. I mean, the worst thing that could happen is that I will have to end up singing them the song over the telephone. :-?

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    As I said before, they know what they play. And if it is under their commercial, then it is something they used in production. They most certainly know what it is. Ask to talk to the production director at the station. He is the person responsible for all things recorded there. As opposed to the program director who is responsible for the show material that is broadcast.

    If the commercial was not produced in house, then ask who produced the commercial. Then contact that agency.

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