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Thread: n00b question

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    n00b question

    I'm new here. Stumbled upon the BA book and really enjoyed it so I figured I'd check the site and forums out.

    The one thing I have not figured out and didn't see in the FAQ...what is the GLP?? It's referenced frequently in what I've been reading, but I have not seen it spelled out. Would someone mind enlightening this poor, uneducated newbie?


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    Godlike Productions. It's a website and discussion board dedicated to, uh, "against the mainstream" ideas (to put it politely). Lots of conspiracy nuts and fringe fanatics hang out there. These days, it also loads your computer up with spyware.

    [Edit]Yeah, it's Godlike, as opposed to Goodlike. Fixed! ops: Though, GLP isn't much of either.

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    Isn't it God Like?

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    got it. thanks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmerjumperdon
    Isn't it God Like?
    Actually, no. There's nothing God-like about any of the "productions" at www_godlikeproductions_com.

    (Punctuated oddly in order to prevent a link from forming.)

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    Dahm you beat me!

    It's a crazy place- BABB is the libary BABBiling the area outside the fround doors FWIS is the Pub and GLP is the loony bin

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    Welcome snarfblat

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    Welcome snarfblat.

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    oops I forgot #-o


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    I had never heard of GLP before coming to the BABB, either, snarfblat. Now, I wish I never had. #-o

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