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Thread: Phil is on the Jeff Rense website ! (Planet X)

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    Phil is on the Jeff Rense website ! (Planet X)


    Phil is being defended by one Bill Hamilton.

    Billīs first post is from July 23. Then the day after, July 24, Bill posts his second post:

    " Thank you, skywatchers, for your rational responses to my postings on Planet X.

    This posting made it to Jeff Rense's website "" and stimulated some very emotive responses. In effect I was told that the Bible predicts this and that I will go to hell for attacking the two people who are saving the world with their words of warning about this menace from outer space.

    I was also told I was wrong because physicist James McCanney proved there is a Planet X heading our way.

    Quote: "James M. McCanney was on the faculty of the Physics and Mathematics departments of Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. His work was in theoretical Celestial Mechanics and Plasma Physics (for the layman, these are the studies of planetary motion and electrified gases in outer space). Having presented his theories at the Los Alamos National Laboratories and American Geophysical Union, James McCanney, author of Planet X: Comets and Earth Changes, joins us now to discuss his knowledge concerning science, history, space, and Planet X."

    One asked me where I had come up for the calculations that Planet X was near Jupiter's orbit. I did not calculate this. It was a rough calculation done by astronomer Dr. Plait. A planet coming from the outside solar system will reflect the sun's light to a degree depending on its mass, albedo, and distance. The reflected light and gravitational perturbation are two ways such a planet would signal its presence. The comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 was easily detected beyond the orbit of Jupiter and it was smaller than the hypothetical Planet X.

    Once it was believed that a tenth planet existed beyond the orbit of Pluto because of slight deviations of the orbits of Neptune and Uranus based on a close estimate of their masses. After thee Voyager flyby measurments indicated corrections to their masses and the need for a tenth planet was obviated as their orbits were correct for the corrected mass measurements. This does not mean a tenth planet or Planet X does not exist way out beyond the orbit of Pluto. Small planetoids the size of Charon, Pluto's satellite, have been detected in the Kuiper belt and their are numerous comets of all size ranges lurking out in the perimeter of the solar system.

    I do not know if MCanney is an advocate for the 2003 flyby, but even scientists can be wrong. There is no indication that McCanney believes it will flyby earth in 2003.

    Jason Martell believes Planet X exists but does not forecast a 2003 date for its journey to earth. He is researching the Zitchen story of Nibiru. Zitchen has also spoken out against a 2003 prediction for the return of Nibiru.

    There is no doubt that no matter what I state as an opinion or whether evidence supports or invalidates the passage of Planet X, religious convictions will prevail over science. If you don't believe me, then just surf the web for sites that denounce scientific findings.

    The last word I guess is when we are still sending email in 2004.


    Bill Hamilton
    Executive Director
    Skywatch International, Inc "

    PS: There is also a debate going on in the newsgroup sci.astro called "Planet X debunked on Art Bell show"

    Check it out HERE

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    Comparing those two links I find a well articulated letter format from Dr. Hamilton and on the Google chat room site some less than intelligent:

    "Is sooo."

    "Is not"

    "Is so"



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    Phil also has an entire thread in the newsgroup

    The thread is called

    Philip from

    Phil gets plenty of Thumbs Up from the posters:

    "digger" says:


    This scientist dude Philip on the Swellcast is blowing Art's pet theories out of the water left and right.
    There's no Planet X, Nancy the Theta Gal is a kook, Sitchin is full of ####....

    George the host must be trying to crawl under the board.

    The guest is even shamelessly giving out his own URL, ."


    "DrPostman" says:

    "For some reason I was able to tune in tonight. What a hell of a show.
    George is being VERY careful not to make a total fool of himself.
    Philip is blowing the #### out of some of the staples on that show.
    I got off work at 3am and kept my radio on and I am still listening

    If they had guests like this on more often I would go back to
    listening more often. This is the first time I have listened for
    more than a few minutes at a time in over 5 years."

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    This posting made it to Jeff Rense's website "" and stimulated some very emotive responses. In effect I was told that the Bible predicts this and that I will go to hell for attacking the two people who are saving the world with their words of warning about this menace from outer space.

    ::Searches through books of Daniel, Isaiah,& Revelation; flips through Strong's concordance; peruses Bible dictionary::

    I see nothing in here that remotely sounds like anything predicted by Planet X theorists. Using bad astonomy to formulate bad theology. Great [img]/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img] !

    And how are these people supposed to "save the world from this menace from space" anyway? I mean, if it were true, how would we save ourselves from it? Live in caves? Yeah, right.

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    It's pretty funny how often bad theology and bad science are paired, isn't it?

    Bad Apprentice time! Woohoo!

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    Skywatch is the big NEO hunting outfit, aren't they?

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    Much junk theology comes from people not reading the prophetic parts of the bible in context. They read Revelation but know little of the other books or about church history.

    In Jesus's time, many people thought that when the messiah was to come, he would restore to the Jews what they had before. They would get a new nation, freedom from the Romans, etc.

    The Messiah came and offered(and still does offer) much more than that - but they rejected him because their eyes were focused firmly on their immediate earthly wants.

    In a similar way, people interpret Bible prophesies that have spiritual meanings as if they were intended to predict geopolitical events or scientific discoveries.

    The assasination of president Kennedy, the fall of communism, the theory of relativity, the Middle East Peace process, etc. are meaningless compared to the spiritual battle betwen good and evil within and arround the Christian Church. These spiritual struggles are the prime subject of prophesy - not geopolitical events. Spiritual struggles transcend time and space - that is why prophetic books like Isaiah and Revalation are organized by theme and not by chronology.

    If you must try to tie prophesies to specific earthly events (and this is not how most were intended to be read), I would suggest not looking at science or politics. Instead, look at church history. The reformation, the Christianization of the Roman Empire, and the rise of the Papacy are all arguably foreseen in new testement prophesy....However....

    The kooks will not do this. Why? I guess it is just to much work. Reading prophesy as it was meant to be read is impossible for those who won't familiarize themselves with Old Testement symbolism and with the theology of Paul's letters(Galatians, Romans, etc). Also, you can't sell to many books by talking about the reformation, etc. Ignorant people are the kook's main audiance anyway. And sensationalism just sells better.

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