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Thread: Please Help Quick!

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    Please Help Quick!

    Alx Ga1-x As

    What is this equation for/called? I would REALLY appreciate if someone could help me out!

    EDIT: I've figured out that its some sort of equation dealing with Quanta.

    It's from chemistry, Aluminum, Gallium, Arsenic,

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    That is a material found in semiconductor technology.

    Both AlAs and GaAs (binary compounds) form crystals, where each unit cell has one Al or Ga ion and one As ion.

    By mixing Al,Ga and As, you get crystals where some cells have Al and As and other cells have Ga and As.
    The x in the formula is not stoichiometric, but tells you the fraction of cells with Al (instead of Ga).

    For example, x=0.333 means that one third of the unit cells in the crystal contain Al-As, while the remaing two thirds contain Ga-As.

    This material is the prime example of band-structure engineering in semiconductor physics (try a search for heterostructure).

    EDIT to add: Wait a minute! Is this homework? #-o

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    Re: Please Help Quick!

    The equation is also found within current research with Quantum Computers.

    Using "ToSeek" methods, I found this:

    Quantum Computing with Electron Spins in Quantum Dots

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