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Thread: How are you improving yourself this year?

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    How are you improving yourself this year?

    What do you want to do to make yourself a better person this year?

    As someone who has lived as a shut in for the past decade and completely reliant upon others for survival, I'm tired of this going nowhere way of life and the world passing me by. So I plan on getting a driver's license as soon as possible. After that, I intend to get a passport. Those two items are the easiest to obtain, so they come first. Then I will get a GED and hopefully find a trade I want to pursue. I could go in for auto repair, welding, X-ray tech, or even cleaning up crime scenes. Whatever is interesting, slightly gross, and paying a decent wage is what I want to do. Then it's time to save money and hopefully explore the far corners of this mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

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    Good luck with that. Setting goals and talking about them makes them more real. Don't worry about a time schedule, just keep plugging away.

    Me, losing weight and exercise. My doctor sent me to a YouTube video called 23 1/2 hours. Entertaining. Entered a biggest loser contest at work ($X to buy in, weigh in with the nurse, three months later anyone who has dropped 5% gets a share, another half share for each one percent. Rampant cheating. ) and I missed it by 1.2 ounces.

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    For me, it's mostly a matter of continuing the self-improvements I started over the last year or two. Aside from that, keep working on developing my writing and drawing skills, trying to lessen my social anxiety/phobia, maybe get a job (hopefully one that meshes somewhat with my needs, skills and interests, as opposed to all the jobs I've had before) and work on my face-to-face communication skills. Also the usual lose weight and exercise.

    Long term, to get published and/or start a website for my writing and comics. But that may take more than a year, so it's not a resolution.
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    I'm doing crossfit to get back into shape and lose some weight. I had a terrible year with my asthma last year after having pneumonia and then later, a flu, my lungs never recovered. so now im better and have entered a short contest to get my self motivated.
    also pursuing side businesses to help my retirement fund.

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    I've decided it's high time I reconnected with old friends and acquaintances I've lost contact with over the years. I had a nice conversation with an old friend I hadn't talked with in a few years the other day, I've updated my LinkedIn profile, and sent a couple emails to other folks I haven't been in contact with for a while.

    My wife and I are finally getting our retirement planning in order as well. We're 40 somethings so it's a bit late, but there's still time to build up our nest egg.

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    I'm trying to catch up on a lot of household paperwork that's been neglected for the past couple of years. Ironically, I did a little better at it after getting injured while I was at home but still not mobile. Once I started getting back to normal, the paperwork went downhill again.
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    1. Accepting the serious personal setbacks of the past 4 years. Reality stinks, but there it is.
    2. Keeping on with trying to become a published author (hopefully within the year).

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