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Thread: Wanted - Forum Liaison

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    Wanted - Forum Liaison

    As I hope you all know from other threads in Feedback, CQ is currently in need for a Liaison. A description of the position is given below. If you are interested, please contact StarStryder (Pamela Gay) or one of the Administrators. Please, serious inquiries only.

    Employer: Astrosphere New Media
    - Will communicate all CosmoQuest stuff to the forum/mods as appropriate, or facilitate other team members doing so
    - Will relay any forum issues to the Build Team via email or google hangouts.
    - Will login and interact with the forum at least 5 days a week and will spend a minimum of 5 hours a week and an average of at least 8 hours a week in the forums. Must provide at least one week's notice of any vacation plans.
    - Will provide a weekly status update, on Tuesdays, to the build team and mod team - where appropriate, elements of this report will be used in the CosmoQuest newsletter.
    - This person is expected to work with the mod team and build team on fundraising and finding sources of donations, sponsorships, and subscriptions so that the forums are financially independent. (If this target is reached, we will get a new forum layout in whatever colors we want.)
    - This is a contract position with no benefits open to people over the age of 18 located anywhere in the world. Pay is $5000/year. (At an average of 8hr/wk in the forum, that is $12/hr). Pay will be through Paypal.
    - Preference given to community members in good standing.
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    (Bump to keep this on frontpage)

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    This is temporarily in a holding pattern while we sort through 2013 end of year financials.

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