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Thread: Reality

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    There is one argument that i do think is quite good. If we accept for the sake of argument that at some point in the future we will run such computer simulations that are indistinguishable from the real thing to someone inside, then inside that computer simulation people will be running those sorts of computer simulations, and so on. So for any individual chosen at random, he will almost surely be simulated, rather than "real" (ie at the top of the chain). So the probability that we are actually in a computer simulation is the same as the probability that we will at some point run those simulations, something that i personally consider quite likely given all the advances in computing.

    This assumes the possibility of an infinite tree of such simulations, which may not be that accurate, but even a finite number of child-simulations won't change the argument that much. The probability of us being in a computer simulation would then just be where p is the probability that we would run such simulations and n the number of such simulations (including child-simulations) we would run.
    There is a David Brin short story that touches on this idea. A little googling found that it is available to read for free on his website.
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    I'm with NEOWatcher, I don't care...

    I have a personal "saying" that applies difference makes no difference, meaning that if you can't tell the difference between reality and "the matrix", then what does it matter??
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    One of my favorite quotes from The Matrix has been floating around my head lately: Agent Smith: "...we have no choice but to continue as planned."
    Et tu BAUT? Quantum mutatus ab illo.

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