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Thread: X-37 development becomes secret

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    X-37 development becomes secret

    Space plane becomes classified project

    Quote Originally Posted by MSNBC
    NASA spokesman Michael Braukus said Monday that the U.S. space agency would remain involved in the X-37 program, but would no longer run the show. The lead, he said, has been given to a government agency that for now NASA is not permitted to name.
    Looks like they may have found a use for the space plane after all.

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    I forget ... X-37 isn't a scramjet design, is it?

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    The X-37 is a robotic orbiter and reentry vehicle.

    Artist concept of X-37 vehicle

    The X-37, a reusable launch vehicle, is designed to operate in both the orbital and reentry phases of flight. The robotic space plane will play a key role in NASA’s effort to dramatically reduce the cost of putting payloads into space.
    You may be thinking of the X-43A.

    Aviation history was made today [March 27, 2004] as NASA successfully flew its experimental X-43A research vehicle, a forerunner of craft that could well offer alternate access to space in the future.

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    According to, DARPA picked up the X-37. In the back of my head yesterday, I had thought it might have been them. They usually pick up the interesting toys nobody else has the budget to play with.

    I didn't say anything in the event it was an alphabet soup agency that really is deep black.

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    Who's DARPA?

    Sorry I asked before reading the article, now I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amadeus
    Who's DARPA?
    The Internet is one of their products.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kucharek
    Quote Originally Posted by Amadeus
    Who's DARPA?
    The Internet is one of their products.
    Al Gore works for DARPA? :P
    Everything I need to know I learned through Googling.

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    I was in Washington DC for a weekend this past summer. While I was checking into the hotel i decided to find a bathroom in the lobby and in doing so stumbled into a DARPA convention on MoleApps in the ballroom. You'd think they have some sort of special auditorium in town for meetings like this, but no, civilian hotels are apparently secure enough.

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