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Thread: night rainbows

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    night rainbows

    On Sunday night, around 11:30pm EDT, I look up in sky and thought I saw a rainbow. It was to the west of the moon, about two close hands away, same apparent height, about the same width and height of the moon. The colours were red, yellow, and bluegreen[ east to west]. The sky was partly cloudy, and the rainbow was in the middle of a long thin cloud. I do not think it was the Northern Lights, since it was so small, and south of my location {south eastern Ontario]. Was this a rainbow? Thanks Colin.

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    Ive never heard of a night rainbow before, so i googled it, and came up with this

    Is this similiar to what you saw?

    or it could of been a lunar halo

    Maybe someone with a bit more expertise will post in this thread and be more of help.

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    Hi Crip1, welcome to BAUT.

    It is possible to get both moonbows (moon rainbows, LINK) and moon halos (LINK). Moonbows are usually caused by rain, halos by ice crystals (you can get ice even in warmer weather, at high enough an altitude).
    At night the stars put on a show for free (Carole King)

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