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Thread: Logging in from different devices?

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    Logging in from different devices?

    Is there a limit as to how many devices we can use to log in to our forum accounts?

    I ask because most of the time, I'm tethering my cell phone to my laptop for internet, but normally about once or twice a month or so, I visit my folks, and I have a second laptop I leave there and use for mainly internet there, although sometimes I may bring this laptop with me and use that for internet occasionally. Plus, they use a different provider than the provider I use for my cell phone internet.

    Might this pose a problem for the IP blockers or wind up breaking forum rules?

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    There is no limit to number of devices you can use to log into BAUT. I routinely use two (work PC and home PC), and occasionally log in from other machines.

    You will note some discussions in Feedback about problems some people have had logging into BAUT, particularly from smartphones. And, because we block IPs from spammers, people have sometimes run into issues if they happen to use the same provider. If you report problems here, we can try to help with work arounds or other fixes.
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    Ah, so problems might only arise if I connect to my folks network from both laptops, even if I connect at entirely separate times?

    Other than that, thanks.

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    That should still not give any problems with BAUT unless your folks are in the habit of spamming and got their IP number banned.

    The smartphone problem is mainly one of formatting rather than one of logging in.
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    Good to know.

    Again, thanks.

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    Do let us know when you log in from Pluto!
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    Yes, if Pluto has an IP address, we can probably get that planethood issue re-opened.

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