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Thread: mathematical equalities

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    mathematical equalities

    I was wondering if there are any mathematical theories of what exists as follows. Is there some rate of change of curvature equivalent to some other parameter that would require what exists to exist?

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    I have no idea what you mean by, ''what exists to exists''.

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    In my readings I have stumbled across "cryo arithmetic engines" in the Revelation Space series of Sci-fi novels.

    That lead me to look up entropy and I found references to software that requires "input from the future states" in computations "now". I did get the sense that the software was simply using a cache of settings from prior runs to initiate a process "now" that will generate new settings that will be used for that process. If I can find the link I will post it.

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    In 2D calculus, a given rate of change of curvature is a spiral.

    In electronics, a circuit whose inputs depend on past outputs is called a sequential circuit. A basic logic circuit like this is a flip flop, which is often used for memory.

    Nothing revolutionary here.

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