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Thread: Kudos to this site

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    Kudos to this site

    I thought I would say thanks to everyone at this forum ---though I have not been around much lately (and maybe few even noticed)---it has contributed much to my learning of astronomy and how the human spirit, under the best of circumstances, can overcome adversity. I am not sure how this is coming across but you (all) are very inspirational (even some of those who have been banned had moments of brilliance--at times).

    This is not good-bye ---I am just saying---I will be back sometime in the future.

    This is a very good forum!!!!!!

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    Thanks, but no, John, we are still not going to let you post your theory that Monkeys living on Venus use a ray-gun to hold our Moon in apparent "tidal lock" with Earth, to hide their secret base from which bigfoot does research into faster than light travel, and accidentally caused the Tunguska incident.
    I don't see any Ice Giants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Jaksich View Post
    This is a very good forum!!!!!!
    I humbly take credit for all that you have mentioned and more. I know, I know. It's a lot for one man to take credit for. Enough to break many men's backs. Some may even call it heroic to heap all this praise on oneself. I don't call myself a hero, but it's okay if you call me one. So again -- humbly -- you are welcome.

    But seriously, yes. I feel the same way. Of course, any forum that will have me around for as long as I've been here can't be *all* good. But aside from that, they do a pretty darn good job here.

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    Hey! I put in the network at Bigfoot base! Not 'sposed to talk about it!

    But I gotta agree with John - I learn more on this site than I ever thought likely. Made a few friends, too.

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    Thanks from me to, it's an excellent forum and just having a quick read through the threads I always find something interesting.

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