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    Hello...I have had in the past a 'messenger' program and a web cam connected to my computer. I was able to both see and verbally communicate with a brother I have in British Columbia...over the internet.

    Is there such a 'messenger' program..that if I did the same thing...instead of my brother be able to see me..instead he would see a moving/animated avatar picture of me? If there a way of creating one?

    Thanks for any and all responses

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    It would be tough to do it live, however there is a company – Realliusion at that sells several programs that can create an animation from a voice recording. Crazy Talk is one that is just facial animation and they have products that go into full 2D and 3D animation.

    Also search for “online facial animation” and you will find companies that allow you to create animation on line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orionjim View Post
    It would be tough to do it live
    It's relatively easy to do live. Microsoft's Kinect had a tech demo to show just such a setup, though I don't know if they've ever brought the program live. That's the only *cheap-ish* solution I can think of, though. I haven't looked to see what's out there now that Kinect is being supported for PC as well.

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