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Thread: New Moon image with that small Mak

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    New Moon image with that small Mak

    Right, so after the unsatisfactory first test on April 28, here is my next test of that 90/1250 Maksutov Cassegrain.
    Camera: Canon1000d, ISO 400, 1/60 s (as recommended by RickJ, I pushed the ISO level a bit)

    Here is just one of the images I took tonight. No stacking, no prost-processing other than cropping. This is how it came off my camera chip.

    Basically, what I wanted to test is what kind of sharpness to expect from this little Mak. I have become better in focusing that during my first fumbling attempts (though I still miss a Crayford two-speed focuser).

    Looking at the visible detail around Copernicus, in the Sinus Iridum or down in Clavius, I'd say it's not so bad. Better than I had feared, based on my previous experience with that scope, at any rate.
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    Much improved. It appears the camera is doing some processing as high contrast features have been edge sharpened but not low contrast features. This is one reason I'm not a fan of DSLRs for this type of imaging. Was this taken in RAW mode? That usually applies less processing giving you a better image without JPEG artifacts and higher dynamic range (usually 12 bit) to work with.


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    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I'd say there is visible improvement over the last try (though I'd also say that the last try left really wide scope for improvement). And no, this images wasn't taken in the RAW mode, but directly as a JPEG, so there may be some artefacts due to that.

    I tried to do everything exactly as I normally do when using a refractor because my aim was to compare scopes. But your suggestion is duly noted for my next observing session!

    Greetings from Germany and CS


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