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Thread: A few from the last couple of weeks.

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    A few from the last couple of weeks.

    Howdy all,

    I have put up a few images that I have done over the last couple of weeks. Appreciate your thoughts and feedback as always.

    M46 I have managed to capture two planetary nebulas in this image.

    M41 My absolute favourite image I have ever done. This is what astrophotography is all about.

    NGC2359 An unusual object, commonly known as Thor's Helmet.

    NGC3372 Take some time to study this image, there is so much to see.

    Thanks for looking!



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    Nice series. For some reason they are mirror images, must be taken through a diagonal. Made it confusing to find Minkowski 1-18. I was looking in the wrong direction.


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    Hi Rick.

    For some reason, both PixInsight and Fits Liberator want to change the orientation of the images and I forgot to flip them back. I realised it when I was looking at Eta Carinae about an hour ago. Will have to wait until I finish work.


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    My version of FITS Liberator defaults to a flipped position (correct for Mac computers I've been told). I have to uncheck the box each time. If there's a way to set it unchecked as a default I've not found it. Since I tend to image on both sides of the meridian and don't use a rotator some of my frames are south up the rest north up so I end up comparing my image to the POSS images (all north up) to check my orientation. I try to label the frames when taken correctly but sometimes forget so this gives me a double check.


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    Thanks Rick, I'll give that a go next time.

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