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Thread: Radio dental work

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    Radio dental work

    Is the old story about picking up radio programs on your braces bogus, or is there a shadow of plausibility to it?

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    I've seen several TV programs where this was discussed (including MythBusters), and I don't think anyone was able to reproduce the phenomenon.

    That said, it seems remotely plausible to me that (given exactly the right conditions) a tooth filling might act as a diode detector for AM broadcasts. I've built crystal radios as a kid, and there really isn't much to them. Audio conduction through the jawbone is pretty good, so you wouldn't need much mechanical vibration for your ears to register it.
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    Lucille Ball once claimed that her teeth picked up a secret Japanese radio transmitter during the 1940s in Los Angeles. I saw an interview with her on a show (Mike Douglas maybe? Dick Cavett) in which she tells the story as described in the Snopes article.
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    Radio Dental Work

    Wouldn't that be a great name for a band?
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    It happened to me once, when I was about 10 or 12 years old. I was sitting at one end of the sofa when I began hearing what sounded like faint Morse code. If I moved from that spot, such as the other end of the sofa, it stopped and would start again when I returned to that spot. I played with it for a half-hour or so before leaving the house. It never happened again after that.
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    yes seems plausible. I had a metal bedstead as a child that hummed along with the very powerful BBC "home service" long wave 1500m transmission whose antenna was about five miles away. You could make any kind of crystal set back then and it would pick that up loudly in the headphones. They sold little coils and moving leaf capacitor kits with germanium diodes. However I never met antone who had tuned teeth.

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