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Thread: Saturn,Mars,Venus 4-11-12 Orlando,FL,USA 8"

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    Saturn,Mars,Venus 4-11-12 Orlando,FL,USA 8"

    My remote timmers on the fritz,so i can only do video Astronomy for now...Planets it is!!! Venus,Mars,an Saturn 4-11-12,saturn 4-12-12,1000+ frame conversions

    sup mars chop.jpgsup saturn chop.jpgsup venus chop.jpg


    p.s. I tried to video chase the ISS in HD,used 25mm eyepiece projection, an polarizer kit,Nextstar8SE,I got film on it, but not worthy of uploading,to shakey 8^(

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    such amazing images, i love that image of Saturn, thank you for sharing, keep them coming

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