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Thread: Will I be able to see Mercury with my 127 mm Mak the morning of April 19th?

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    Exclamation Will I be able to see Mercury with my 127 mm Mak the morning of April 19th?

    What time of day would be best to see it also?

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    It seems like the article you link to has all the info you need to see Mercury, and when/where to see it. I've never tried to see Mercury through my scope. Mercury is a naked eye object, so it will be no trouble with your scope, but it may not look like much. Also, with Mercury's proximity to the Sun, care is highly advised.

    Mods, is this thead more appropriate for the observing forum?

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    I consider viewing planets ahead of the Sun more dangerous than
    viewing them behind the Sun, because the Sun can creep forward
    into your field of view before you realize it. Viewing planets behind
    the Sun allows you to position the Sun behind a wall and forget
    about it.

    -- Jeff, in Minneapolis

    "I find astronomy very interesting, but I wouldn't if I thought we
    were just going to sit here and look." -- "Van Rijn"

    "The other planets? Well, they just happen to be there, but the
    point of rockets is to explore them!" -- Kai Yeves

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