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Thread: Hermes Spacecraft - STAR Systems

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    Hermes Spacecraft - STAR Systems

    Hi guys,

    I was given permission to post this by one of the admins.So I don't know if you have heard of Kickstarter, but it is a site that allows for individuals to pitch their project and get funds only if the funding has reached a set goal. There is a team that is trying to eventually get their spacecraft into sub-orbital space. I have donated $25 to their cause. I want space travel to become as common as taking a bus but I believe governments will not get us to that point, instead, it will be done by private individuals like yourself. You cannot contain the human spirit to explore and we have to become a spacefaring species someday. Here's your chance to be part of something worthwhile.

    If you believe in this, you can donate, and if not that's ok too.

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    Shades of AMROC

    There was a company called Perigee West with a man by the name of Husjak--he wrote an interesting book...

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