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Thread: Saturn, Dione, Tethys-April 3rd, 2012

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    Saturn, Dione, Tethys-April 3rd, 2012

    Saturn-April 3rd, Moons Dione (Top-Left) and Tethys (Bot.-Right) as the ring planet is approaching opposition and remmants of the Serpent Storm path still shows well. Lower color sets (RGB,L) Combined for this color image, North at Bottom.

    Equipment: LX200ACF 12 in. OTA, F30, CGE mount, PGR Flea3 ccd, Astronomik LRGB filter set.
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    Another great image.

    This has been the worst year for imaging by far and I thought last year was bad. Seeing typically is running 3" on a "good" night to 5" on an average night. That assumes I can see the sky. 90% of the time it is cloudy. Snowing as I type this. Just flurries but is letting me know who is in control here! I'll have to enjoy Saturn through your images not my eyepiece I'm afraid.


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    I think its Global over here much better then your seeing but the weather has changed in the last three years, Last year alone broke all known records in the last 115 yrs normal rain is avg at 44 inches we got 88 inches twice and the dry seasons Feb-Mar its been the wetest in the last 3 yrs. Will try my best (currently its raining now) and hope your weather improves and thanks.

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