In the event where the “virtual humans” and real “humans” co-exist on Mars, there may be conflicts between the two entities. It is easy for us to imagine that the humans will always win over the pseudo-human anthropomorphic beings. But, we must also remind ourselves that the virtual humans will be designed by other humans, with their own, personal ambitions. Can they not program those ambitions into their own images? Would that not create a competition, and even warfare between the humans and the pseudo-humans? Does that mean that there will be a different set of laws for the robots or computers performing tasks previously only in the domain of humans? Or, will there be treaties and requirements not to program any ambitions into the “machines?” Is it now—or will it ever be—possible to stop the progress of technology?
Technology will always progress. But, all possible governance models have already been tried on earth. Most of those models have failed. So, more humanistic models had to be tried as a last resort; after all, governance must be maintained in order to have polities. Was the switch always voluntary on the part of the human populations? Certainly not; the process was often bloody, with both the members of the administrative organs and members of the population losing members to the grim reaper. Was the switch done because the earlier governance model was not humanistic enough? If the population is unhappy, sooner-or-later, they will move on the cause of their unhappiness.