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Thread: How do I read a star name?

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    How do I read a star name?

    If I am reading outloud a star name like "HIP 6218", do I say "H-I-P 6-2-1-8" or "H-I-P 6218"? And if the later, isn't there a danger of mishearing this as "H-I-P 6280"?

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    You appear to be asking about how to express multidigit
    numbers orally in general. Nothing specific to star names,
    or even reading. I've always said "two thousand one" for
    the year 2001, and hearing "twenty oh one" or even "two
    thousand and one" grated on me.

    I don't think there's an ISO standard on this. But then, I
    haven't looked....

    I said to someone a few weeks ago that I think the "teens"
    in English will eventually be renamed so that the "teen"
    part (or its equivalent) will come before the LSD.

    -- Juliet echo foxtrot foxtrot, in Minneapolis

    "I find astronomy very interesting, but I wouldn't if I thought we
    were just going to sit here and look." -- "Van Rijn"

    "The other planets? Well, they just happen to be there, but the
    point of rockets is to explore them!" -- Kai Yeves

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