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Thread: 2013 UK MarsDrive Expo

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    2013 UK MarsDrive Expo

    If this is in the wrong place please move its content and if it is against any rules I appologize in advance.

    Mars Society has their conferences so why not a MarsDrive Expo....

    The talk about this is in this thread. over on MarsDrive. DarrenOP is the contact person for those in his area and that might attend or be able to lend a hand to this activity.

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    Here is another location for further details to the event...

    I hope many can attend...

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    Work is on going and here is the latest....

    Founder: Darren Oliveiro-Priestnall
    Funding target: 20,000
    Days Left: 55
    Location: Wantage, England
    Quote Originally Posted by DarrenOP
    The MarsExpo 2013 finance drive and website has now launched.

    The website is at and the funding drive is at

    Please support us either directly by investing or by spreading the link.

    Help us to make this a special event for the whole Mars and space community, an event that takes Mars to the wider public and brings together groups, agencies and companies to forge strong new partnerships.

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