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Thread: HFAs on Venus

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    HFAs on Venus

    Searched for something on this topic in here, but finding nothing, just a quick shout out to the Venus Express team for providing the data that allowed Goddard scientists Collinson, Sibek et al. to discover the first HFA (hot flow anomaly) on Venus. I think this is the first time they've seen an HFA w/out a magnetosphere present. It's an interesting phenomena that occurs when the stellar wind encounters a bow shock and has implications in the study of turbulence and atmospheric "errosion". Kudos to both teams. Here's the press release:

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    It kinda reminds me of the photos of flames that creep up a rockets side against the airflow, to fill in a low...

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    Yeah I can see that. I remember somebody asked Collinson if they were like eddies, but he said to think of them more like a bubble attached to the bow shock that's expanding really quickly before being swept away by the solar wind

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