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    Unhappy PaperBackSwap

    An online bookseller, or so I thought. I'm confused.

    It seems I did *purchase* a book via that site today. However, I'm wondering if I merely borrowed someone else's book. I got *purchase* confirmation however.

    But now I'm wondering if it will be THE edition I want (especially like the cover art). A cover scan was included with the edition I thought I was purchasing, but I saw on confirmation page that "a member" will be notified to send his/her copy of book to me. I going to receive the edition I want, with that specific cover art?

    And what if that person's copy isn't in good condition? Or in as good condition as I'd like?

    Has anyone else here done business with

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    Personally I rather like the idea of the book tree we have in a nearby park.
    It's a tree that was about to be felled and was cut about 2 yards above ground and then carpenter cut protected recessed that each hold a book.
    You're supposed to take a book from the tree and leave one you don't want any more.
    It's just next to the library and they use their retired books to keep it filled when people forget the part about leaving a book when you take one.
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    I am technically a member of PaperBackSwap, but after getting the initial welcoming email, I somehow never got back to finding out how it worked exactly, and have never gotten, or sent any books.


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    I've been a member of when I lived in Germany; even went to meetings regularly and got to be friends with some members. I still get mails about some of the books I sent out with book-chainmails, although I don't think I've gotten much feedbacks about books I put "in the wild".
    I like the idea but business has been slow/never really picked up where I live now. Might give it another try some time.

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    My wife is a prolific user. She has sent out more than she's taken in at this point. She has something like a 60 book credit right now. It was my understanding that people list what they have and what they want and it lines up the swap for you.

    I'm not sure how specific you can be regarding the edition, I haven't used it myself and most of what she's been swapping the edition doesn't really matter.

    So far there's only been one problem, everything else has been in good condition. Someone decided that Into the Wild would be a better read if 85% of it was highlighted.

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