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Thread: Are you afraid of dying ?

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    There is nothing wrong with dying per se. It's just that you'll be stiff as heck the next morning.
    The dog, the dog, he's at it again!

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    When I sleep or pass out I cannot make measurement. That is why I set the alarm in the waking life. I don't set some alarm in my dream because I cannot perceive time in a dream. When I die time will not exist again and will not permanently. When I was quite young I was more puzzled by what things felt like before I was born. Uncles and aunts would gather and discuss what happened 30 years prior and I would get a sinking feeling, wondering "How come I can't remember 30 years before my birth? I have only been in this place for 6 years so why can't I remember those other 24 years? They sure outnumber the 6, don't they?" Then I went to history class when I was older and really wondered where all that missing duration's events went. So the after life doesn't bring anywhere near a puzzle to me as the prior life does.

    My fear of dying is the abandoning of my autistic son. He is 39 years old and lives with me and will not go on any travels anywhere without me, despite being high functioning. I have been very lucky to have such wonderful company.

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