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    Concepts of Reality Thread

    Re: Concepts of Reality Thread

    Hi All;

    I am perplexed about the seemingly unstated intentions behind some recent posts, (#34 onwards), in the above thread. As a matter of fact, I find the initial post question to be highly unusual for Q/A, and seemingly invites discussion on a topic not entirely explainable by purely empirical science. As a matter of fact, the topic is clearly highly theoretical, and is clearly known to still be very much in the research phase.

    As so much about the 'extra dimensions' String Theory topic is in this phase, the answer will be to a certain extent, (and by necessity), mainstream interpretable, and open to debate. As such, with the BAUT rules/preferences being as they presently are, I am unclear as to how one is supposed to discuss the topic further ?

    The OP continues to demand satisfaction as well, which makes one wonder why the question was not raised in S&T in the first place ?

    I find it disturbing that such a question has been raised in a forum where any answers will have to 'graze' the boundaries of trying to keep not-immediately empirically demonstrable mainstream physics, out of the Q/A section. I would have also thought that experienced members would be aware of this, also, so I seek some moderator guidance, in preference to abandoning the thread or seeing it 'go south'.

    Your inputs/advice would be most welcome.


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    My read is that the thread is still in the realm of the theory of science, so it isnt really out of bounds yet. It is only if the discussion goes more metaphysical that there will be a problem.

    That is my 2 cents, not as a moderator, but just a frequent viewer.

    P.S. I believe that the best way to get a moderators opinion directly is to report the post and ask your question.

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