djellison, thank for your opinion, I distrusted that could be speculation.

I'm not a physicist, but an economist.

As economist, I can guarantee that soon, some new technology, it will provoke a great new social evolution or technological revolution.

Forecast of an econophysic colleague, who works with a powerful software system, which analyzed possible changes in the economic world scenario.

These systems provide for the entry into the scene, very soon, some new technology!

As economist, can assure that any new revolution or large social evolution, will happen with this new technology.

And the most promising areas are: In first place, the physic, followed by genetic and biotechnology.

I believe that something new must arise soon!

Considering this, what would you think the potential technologies, which will result in a short period of time the great economic and social changes?

There is currently some good promise in the area of alternative energy?

If available, what would be the least speculative!