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Thread: Rebuttle to Galaxy Theory.

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    Rebuttle to Galaxy Theory.

    At first theory was bad because even the thinnest of gasses between distant stars would annihilate like crazy. Now you say that a huge cloud of antimatter in the dense core can't find anything to collide with and eliminate itself? The core is dense. A huge cloud of antimatter. You really think that it "hasn't collided yet"? Maybe we should get in the basement in case it explodes!

    If half the galaxy is antimatter, then half the center would be antimatter, where they meet...
    No other existing galaxy theory predicts the center to be half antimatter.

    Go to my web site see the photos of the center. It shows TWO galactic bands ejecting gas in opposite directions, not ONE SMBH with an accretion disc. Direct observational evidence supporting me and disproving SMBH.

    It is known that black holes convert matter to energy, wher is your science for the SMBH to create matter and antimatter? I included no methodology that hasn't been observed and duplicated.

    This talk about measurements is grandstanding. The measurements have been made; I bring understanding to these measurements and observations. I unify what we know, I don't rewrite all of science.

    Nothing i say will satisfy you. I don't play cards with people who stack the deck [cheat].
    You are only being arguementive, but at least you are somewhat polite.

    It's a combination of: "It's wrong because I say so", "you haven't proven it to me, a person who accepts nothing as proof!", and "it can't be right, it didn't mention the big bang theory...".

    Every MAGTstatement is referenced.

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    The more fervently you come, the more I know I have you on the ropes....
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    Post edit by admin: removed link to spam website is home page including grand unification, history of GU, and colorful space images.
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    You have had your 'kick at the can' with this in a previous ATM Thread.

    In addition it appears to be another SPAM for your Website.
    You have been warned about this previously.

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